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The beauty of the rain

Click here for the rain sounds to accompany this reading

The rain is calming. It calms me. And it calms the birds. In fact it seems to calm many things, and many people.

When it rains I feel more relaxed. And I am not the only one. What is it about the rain? Why does the mere sound of it feel so pleasant. It is almost as if our cells feel the water. And their being water based beings pause for a moment.

Right now I have rain playing in a second tab. Rain playing with a light thunder. During the rain even thunder can be calming.

Where would life be without the simple rain. Our grasses wouldn’t grow. Our food wouldn’t grow. The whole material existence of animals depends on rain. And there seems to be an appreciation for rain in all.

I am yawing. My mind can see the rain. In sheets rolling down a window. In thousands of little splashes on the dark parking lot surface. Yawning and feeling tired in a basic way.

So many animals will sleep in the rain. And I don’t think it is just about not getting wet. Somewhere deep in our shared DNA there is a love of the rain. A love of the sound of thunder.

It rolls as a sound. And it rolls over high plains and into low valleys. The rain itself has a pulse. Pushing harder and heavier, and then tapping with quiet touches. Rain dancing on the windows. Rain blowing heavy in the wind.

The connection between rain and sleep is so deep. I lay back and I hear the rain. It not only relaxes my muscles, it clears my mind. Troubles once so big have been washed away. Rain is spiritual. Rain is spirit.

If you clicked the link. Are you tired now. You’re eye lids starting to grow heavy. Shoulders melting, and starting to flow down your back. Like large water drops sinking into your core. If you didn’t click the link can you hear the rain in your mind?

We have all sat and listened to the rain. Few have no memory of a calm rainy day. Breath in and out as the rain comes down. As kids of course rain at school meant it was a fun day. Recess was inside. And everyone was in a better mood.

Rain may be one of my favorite things. And I live in the Northwest, so I get plenty of rain. And I still love the rain.

My breath comes easier as I sit and listen. My typing a little smoother. There is an urge to curl up in my blankets. And a squall is rolling through based on the sound. Rain is a gift from heaven. Rain is a blessing given by the sky to the earth.

The sound of rain is making it hard to even write about the rain. There is a pleasant distraction to rain. Which is a focus in itself. Like a zen meditation. Rain is calling us to be calm. It is inviting us to be empty. And encouraging us to breath. And the smell of rain.

The smell of the air, the smell of the land. The smell of everything after the rain. It smells clean. It smells like God must smell. Heaven will not be heaven without rain.It will be a dry land in need of life.

All life responds to rain. It is a blessing which binds us all in a common union. Rain is an embrace which brings us all into a common sleep. A dream which reminds us how we are all one.

The rain is a love poem. It was written by God and sent to man. A blessed love poem, where God heals mans troubled soul. There is nothing like rain.

I may be too tired to go on. The rain playing its steady music. The rhythm playing out over several minutes. So subtle it almost isn’t noticed. God composed the song for our enjoyment. To renew our spirits. To enrich our soul.

What was I writing about again? Oh yes, the rain. And without the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows. Among the countless forms of life which depend on rain.

In fact I love rain so much, there is only one thing I love in an equal measure. The sun.

(Room to Write exercise)

Today was a hot day

It was another hot day in Five Corners, Orchards. But it was my day off and I did get a lot done on various tasks online.

I have been listening to news podcasts, George Will just made a good case for Donald Trump being a Democratic mole set to wreck the Republican party. Man,┬áthere are so many people running this year. I haven’t posted any real blog posts in a while.

And writing was a clear challenge for me because of the heat and other tasks I felt I wanted to accomplish. I am in a little of a stuck point on my novel and questioning if I want to write it at all. I do have some good ideas for it, but I don’t know if I can flush it out. I don’t know if I have the skills to write a good novel, as opposed to writing in other formats. I also don’t know if the idea is something rich enough to support a full novel and if the characters I have been thinking about are real enough to be alive for the reader.