Daily Archives: September 25, 2015

A different form

There is a warm sun,
Today is glorious,
and I am happy to be alive.

Even having to work,
feels bearable.
I spoke with an old friend
for a few moments.

I am growing restless at work,
more and more,
but I want to be smart.
Make the right choice.

Past choices have been choices,
Just to be choices,
to be change.
The change wasn’t always better.

I am learning at Walmart,
and growing.
So my job isn’t everything,
but it is something.

The experience I am gaining,
and skill and knowledge
could be important in the future.
And the future could be around the corner.

I choose to focus on my growth.
The universe knows I want something better,
and I deserve something better.
But I don’t always know.

Maybe the restless energy
is the universe trying to awaken me.

(This was a project from Room to Write to re-write something previously written in a different format. I re-wrote this: http://princedanterose.livejournal.com/659131.html)

From Communion with God

Page 89:

Humans think they are superior to nature, and so, they seek to subdue it. In doing this, they destroy the very habitat which was created to protect them and to be their paradise.

Humans think they are superior to each other, and so, they seek to subdue each other. In doing this, they destroy the very family that was created to embrace them and to give them love.

Neale Donald Walsch

Day 4 of 9

Today was Friday, and the last day of the week to cut time. I started at 9 a.m. and cooked until 11 a.m. In which time I got the hot case filled. And got chickens started.

After 11 a.m. I was tasked to work in the freezer. We have coats and something which looks like a snow suit to use in the freezer. I managed to get things in the freezer tidied up and a pallet of freight worked to the floor, or stored on the shelf. Our freezer isn’t very big so we have to continue to make sure we move freight so we have room.

I only have two more days of working in the deli. Then I will be working in produce all the time.

Tomorrow I have to start of 5 a.m. I don’t think I need to tell you how I feel about being awake at 5 a.m. It isn’t good.

Day 3 of 9

Today I cooked for much of the day. They called and asked me to go in early. But I ended up going at my regular time. It was a pretty basic day. Cook, CVP (discount) and remove food from the hot table. Step one, step two, step three, step one, step two, step three. But the last couple times when working in the kitchen I have been forgetting about pizzas. And I did so again today.

After 2 I zoned the 97 wall. I took a lunch, I stocked some ice and then covered a co-workers lunch. Before filling some holes on the 97 wall. I wish I had gotten more done. But I didn’t have a lot of time today.

Tomorrow I am back in the kitchen cooking. Well, there is a chance I will be put on the 97 wall to stock or sent to work the freezer.

Developing a style…

So watch this:

It was one of those magical days at the tail end of summer. The light was golden, the wind was cooling and you were beautiful. I loved you then with a such a depth of feeling and longing. We sat together on a rock, holding each other and I felt close to you. There was someone in my arms who I would never want to be out of my arms. A soft and amazing beauty with an intelligent mind and courageous heart. I wanted you to be there always in my heart. I wanted for every moment the rest of my life to be the moment we had on the rock.


The boat pulled away. I didn’t watch you disappear. I took my seat and cried. It wan’t forever. But it was. I was going to see you again. But I knew I wasn’t. And you wouldn’t love me. The air was cold. I was alone. Starting a long trip. After coming with such hopes. I sailed off. Into the darkness. Hopeless and alone. I had never been more alone. Empty as the void of space. Dark as the otherside of the moon. It has been a bad weekend. And the ending wasn’t present. But the ending was clear.

Okay, see the style trick I did there? Thoughts?