Daily Archives: November 3, 2015



I started off in produce. Where I was scheduled. After pulling a cart to the floor I was pulled to the register. Back in produce I ran some potatoes and talked to my department manager. About this time it was almost my break time. But I threw some cardboard, and made a bale first.

After break I walked to the backroom. And I was called to the front. There was a cart of fresh go-backs. So I took care of them. And got called back to the register.

After I got off the register I was asked to sweep the store. Which I did, with a break to help remove an item off the top steel in the backroom. I swept all of grocery and the front action alley. Then I went to lunch.

After lunch I swept produce, seasonal and the seasonal-sporting goods action alley. Then I mopped around the cold table. Tye then asked me to pull some pallets to the floor. Which I did. And then I threw out the compost. I pulled the dates. I stocked the bananas. And cleaned the backroom. And went home at 10:30 p.m.

It was an interesting day. When I got on register the first time I almost got on number 4. But then I recalled it has a jerky belt. So I got on number 5. But as soon as I finished the first transaction it froze. Stephanie had to come and help me. Then I tried to open on six. But I needed to get an over-ride.

Tomorrow I go in an hour late. This is becoming routine for me now.