Daily Archives: November 6, 2015


It was a good day. I spent most of it at home catching up on things. And my kitty spent most of the day napping next to me. She loves it when I am home all day.

Just before I got on here I had a good chat with a friend. Old friends are the best. I don’t mean friends who are old. Though they are okay too. She asked me a good question. Why do communities of artists seem to fail so often? And I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow I will try and write something to flush it out a little. Sometimes writing is a useful tool for me in understanding.

Right now it is bed time. So goodnight dear ones.


Last night I had a dream I was moving away. In the dream I didn’t know where I was moving. I was saying goodbye to everyone here. And I felt so sad. The dream didn’t involve the part where I choose to move. So in my dream I felt like I wanted to change my mind and stay. But it was too late. I recall feeling like I didn’t want to move anymore but I had to move.

In the dream I was feeling sad about missing both people and places. Would I ever see these mountains again, I wondered. Would I ever come back to this place, even just to visit.

And I was talking to a friend. I asked them, “we will stay in touch won’t we?” And they said we would. But it didn’t feel like either one of us believed.

At one point I was thinking about my job. It wasn’t clear in my job if I had given notice. But I felt bad about leaving Walmart. And I wasn’t sure what would be next for me. Maybe in my dream I was moving without a job waiting for me. Where I was moving, and why I was moving. These facts were not a part of the dream.

Just the feeling of losing this place. I like living here. Which isn’t to say I will always be living here. But my dream makes me feel like I want to be careful about a choice to move. If I move there has to be a clear reason, and a clear place I am going. A future job or prospect needs to be awaiting me. I can’t move just to move anymore. Even though I still love moving.

So, this is two dream posts in a row. I plan on posting about tarot today. And maybe doing a My Life post as well. But I got a list to accomplish.

Oh, in a separate dream I was in the Rose Quarter. I don’t know where. But someone wanted directions to a hotel in Beaverton. So I was thinking of the easiest way to get there. Semi-waking in the process I think I told them to go to MLK then take Broadway to I-5 North and the 405 to Highway 26 east.