Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

The Future

Dawn is breaking. A slim finger of light lands on Dante’s face.

“Wake up dear,” She comes in with a smile. “You told me to wake you so you could finish your column.”

Rolling out of a dream of Her. Then to see Her bright face. He rolls back into his pillow. But he can hear the noise of Downtown coming to life. It is time for him to come to life as well. The paper wants their copy.

Dante remembers the game. It wasn’t many years ago he was on the floor himself. High above downtown, in his condo life is different. He takes her hand and kisses her. They rise together and share breakfast.

Through the window the sun rises higher over Downtown. And he flips open his datebook for today. A book signing downtown, an interview on a radio show. And not in the book, a special dinner with Her. He wants it to be a surprise.

Going to be he was thinking about the column for today. It isn’t easy to write a column three times a week. But easier than chasing fire trucks like he did in Lubbock. Today he will write on paying attention to details of your health. Pointing out how important we are to each other. So brush your teeth.

After breakfast he retires to his home office. Dante only listens to classical music when writing his column. For the last five years this had worked for him. No reason to stop now.

For a moment he thinks back 20 years. He was living in a room in a house. His best selling memoir still just notes on his blog. A book called “Room to Write,” served to inspire him to write more and more. And today all he does is write. And read his writing to fans.

Last month it was at the bookstore Downtown. A sell-out crowd filled the seats. And stood along the wall. All night they quietly listened to his words. Someone who felt like never listened to him before. Now he was the star. But he couldn’t have done it without Her. She has meant the world to him. Ever since he met her, he knew they would be together. It was in the cards from the first night in the tea shop in Portland.

Here She was now. Beautiful as ever. And as bright as the morning sun.

After finishing his column he went to the kitchen for tea. Brewing tea had become one of his favorite things in life. The smell, the taste, the ritual. It soothed his soul and his mind.

For the next couple hours he could rest. Sometimes in the early afternoon he would take a nap. But today he wanted to be out in the air. So he went for a walk in the park.

“Dante, Dante…” a voice called his name. His friend fresh from her own book tour had spotted him across the pond. They walked and talked, and hugged. It had been too long. The moments they shared were rare, but they were always rich.

Back at home it was time to get ready for the book signing. But first it was time to feed the kitty. He deeply missed his the sweet and dear Baby Girl. But had found an feline with equal charm. She named him Frank.

His closet was a bit of a mess. But he soon found the pair of black bush pants he was searching for, and a black turtle neck. It had been years since people talked about Steve Jobs. But they used to tease Dante about wearing Steve’s shirts.

Dressed and ready, he started to brew more tea. He liked to meet people before his events. So arriving early was his plan. She would be home soon. Every book event she had been there for him. She was his real source of strength.

With a brush of energy she floated into the room. Fresh from her yoga teaching. She smelled lightly of sweat. But he loved the scent of her. He breathed her in deeply, kissed her. They shared tea.

Downstairs the event was a short cab ride away. Selling his car was the best thing he had done. Well, the best thing since he bought the car. Different stages have different needs. And the one he was in was simple and settled. So, he had no need for a car. The city had great transit and cabs.

Besides last year he spent six months touring the country. His memoir was a success everywhere it sold. And while Downtown was his home. In a more important way, She was him home. He still loved to travel. Book events became his ticket to small towns all over the country. And even a few stops in Europe.

“Who will play you in a movie,” a reporter asked him once. His reply was, it would take many people to fill his character.

The event at the bookstore was already full. His fans knew he liked to arrive early. So they started to arrive even earlier. Some would come when the store opened for an evening reading. This wasn’t his first reading at this store. Many fans had seen him more than a few times.

After his memoir he moved into poetry. It should be said he moved back into poetry. Two books later, the creative juices couldn’t produce enough to fill the public demand. This is the life he dreamed about 20 years ago. And sitting her with Her, in Downtown, it seemed unreal.

What if things had been different. What if Dante had not lived with his friend? Or not gone with her to celebrate her birthday. And then he wouldn’t have met Her. Or fallen for her smile and energy. Life is so full of things which could have been different.

If he had sat down to write this 20 years ago. Would he write it as a fiction, almost not even daring to hope. Or would he have written it with a certainty of tone and voice? Knowing his time would come. All the events in his life lending meaning to his final career. Being a successful writer, poet, artist, story teller and lover.