Daily Archives: November 13, 2015


It is a quiet day in the library. Three people are sitting at the table. An Hispanic man looking at a magazine. A woman with long hair using the computer. And me. We are each on our own projects.

The Hispanic man has a camo hat on, a black T-shirt and blue jeans. On his right wrist is a tattoo. He is talking to the woman, about the magazine.

Three chairs sit empty across from me. The window with the street behind me. Outside I can hear the traffic. But inside the noise of paper dominates. The children have left for the day. Books and papers are being read. Shuffled around and read some more.

In 20 minutes the library closes. There was once a pretty lady at the library. And I wonder if I might see her again. But we often only have one chance to make a connection. And I missed my chance with her, maybe.

I come to the library to read. And to relax. But also to find someone like me. Drinkers go to the bar to find people who drink. And for me this is my bar. I am looking for someone who reads, and thinks. One of the library residents is here. Blue jean jacket, glasses and brown hat. I’ve seen him here before.

When I was on the street I went to the bookstore and library a great deal. I still love libraries for a number of reasons. If one day I meet the love of my life at a library, it will make every visit meaningful. Of course every visit is worthwhile. Today I dropped off two books. And I am taking three. Though it wasn’t my plan.

Rust, a book about rust. I love books about simple things in life, and their connections. What God Said, a book about being more connected to the divine. One of the books I dropped off was the same author. And for me The Idiots Guide to Philosophy. Because I am an idiot. And I want to learn more about philosophy. We need both welders and philosophers don’t we?

The woman and the man are talking about something on the computer. In a low voice. The kind you can hear, but you can’t discern what is being said.

Today news is breaking about an attack in Paris. Unknown numbers of people are dead. But here I sit. Miles away, untouched by this violence. But because I am aware, it touches me in a different way. My heart goes out to the families. You never imagine walking down the street, and then not existing do you? One moment you are at the theater with a loved one, and then you are alone in the world.

One day we will move beyond the illusion of hate and fear. But today isn’t the day. Sadly the death and violence of today’s events will likely spur more death and violence. Humans are drawn to violence it seems.

I see Adele on the cover of Rolling Stone. Her new song didn’t appeal to me at first. But every time I hear it I love it more. It is her voice. You can hear it is older, but it is still amazing. If we are lucky we will have Adele to listen to for years. Just look at how long Madonna has been making music.

Okay, time for me to go before the library closes.