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The Sun

The Sun

All things have come into the light now. You are different. You become aware of your own healing. And how much you have grown. The Sun sheds its light on your sins. But also on your healed wounds.

If we are on the right path. We see our path clear for the first time. But we may also find ourselves lost. If we are on the wrong path The Sun makes it clear. The small light offered by The Hermit has grown.

When we met The Hermit his wisdom guided us along our path. His light and truth comforted the traveler. But it was a signal to the lost.

If we took The Hermit’s advice we are ready for the sun. The larger brighter light of truth. Have we been true to ourselves? Have we kept our values? Are we living our own dharma or trying to live another’s?

We may have believed we could keep secrets. These could be secrets we tried to hide from ourselves. Or it could be secrets hidden from someone else. But as the Bible states, all things secret shall be revealed. And the moment of revelation is The Sun card.

On the card we see The Sun. It has a face, and is shining it’s rays of awareness. It’s awareness and truth are the same. Because it represents a truth we cannot hide. Because we are all one, at a basic level we feel each others sins. In some ways The Sun doesn’t represent a secret become knowledge. But our awareness we haven’t kept a secret at all.

We all have secrets. And the more we have the harder it is to face the light of day.

In the card before this we experienced The Moon. We were encouraged to think about hidden things. Maybe to look at the truths we have hidden from ourselves and each other. By looking at our secrets in the last card. We become prepared for their exposure.

In the next card we have The Judgement. The card of The Judgement doesn’t have to be a card of punishment. What many think is the Final Judgement, where the forces of evil receive their sentences.

But I don’t believe in The Judgement in those terms. For one the judge often is none other than ourselves. Something happens, and we see how we have lied to ourselves. While proclaiming to value love, we reaction with an instinctive anger and hatred. As we reflect an understanding of our true value system becomes clear. And the judgement is rarely final. We can always grow and change.

Before there is judgement. There is an awareness. Because in this court of law, we are the judge, the jury, the defense, prosecution and victim.

The Sun is card 19. Like many of the cards in the second decile the one represents ourselves. The number 9 lies at the end of a cycle of three. But is is still just short of a complete cycle of ten. In the next card of 20 we experience others at a new level.

Because we have searched ourselves, we can understand others. When we have pulled the log out of our own eye. Then we can judge another.

But the lesson of The Sun doesn’t have to be harsh. Leo is ruled by the sun, and it is connected to the heart. The Judgement is an act of love. Without which we wouldn’t grow. And our connection to The World in card 21 would be limited. Because we have fallen, we can have empathy for others on the ground.

Take this card and focus for a moment on how you can improve yourself. Where you may be projecting an image of yourself which isn’t true. And to take steps to become the person of your highest ambitions. The Sun blocks out all the other stars. Wit its pure light it provides a motivation to reach high and accomplish big things.

The Sun is the most creative and equatable being in the universe. It generously provides its light, love and energy to all. It does so regardless of any contributing factor. Think of how we can be like the sun. How we can bring light and love to other people’s lives. And how we can do so in a generous and unlimited fashion.

By reaching for our own personal goals. We encourage and enable others to reach for theirs. When you become a light for yourself. The light naturally shines on the paths of everyone in the world. And because we are all one. When you find a truth and understanding, it brings us all closer to our own truth and understanding. You have become the bodhisattva.