Daily Archives: November 17, 2015

The Tower

Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall. Like Mr. Dumpty we may be ready for a great fall. And all the king’s horses. And all the king’s men. Won’t be able to put our world back together again.

Our world is set on a fragile foundation. We like to pretend we have much more control than we possess. Like the people in the Bible we build up our philosophies. And tower truth upon truth. Until we believe we can become equal to God. Not a part of God. Equal with God.

But this is a lie. And when everything we have constructed fails. We know it is a lie. We know once more we are travelers on a journey. The journey of souls returning to their home in God.

In The Death card a few cards back change was offered to us. It might have felt like death. But it was also a birth. We are getting closer and closer to the summit in our journey. And our ego is becoming more and more baggage.

The universe is working towards our enlightenment. Because it needs us to be whole again. We believe a relationship, a job, an education will be the tower which can keep us safe. We are like an oak tree in the storm. When the wind comes, and the storms rage. We become rigid in our truths and we break.

The universe, or God, or life will not allow us to become blocks to our own growth. When we have become too secure in our tower of truth. When our mental construct of the world becomes too rigid. Steps are taken to free us.

In the card we see a lightning bolt coming out of the sky. What we never knew was a prison is being demolished around us. And there is a fire raging at the top of the tower. If we can learn to be more like the bamboo and bend in the wind. Then we have a chance. But if we remain strong like the oak. We will surely be broken and damaged worse.

Around the tower sparks of fire fly into the night sky. These are the truths which last. Our mental construct wasn’t completely wrong. Spiritual energy is dulled by the dust of dogma. The sparks coming from the tower are the truths which will see us through this end.

The Tower is card sixteen. The six reflects back to The Lovers. While experiencing The Lovers we made a choice. And it wasn’t the wrong choice. But now we need to make a new choice. We can always make a new choice in our life. The moment we choose a different path we are free from the tower.

But we cling to the choice long past the time would should have let it go. Long past The Death card told us to be reborn. And the card previous which is The Devil.

In The Devil card our bondage should have become clear. We are tied in chains of our own making. And it is by our own choice. Anytime we choose to make another choice. We are free. But if we fail to make the choice on our terms. The Universe gives us less options. And the choice is made on different terms.

In the next card we see The Star. After the dust settles we have hope. There remains one single truth which cannot be distroyed. And the loss of all our philosophies makes this truth clear to us. It also makes it so much more dear to us.

But before we can accept the truth of God. We need to shed the truths of our own understanding.

In The Tower card birds fly about the tower. I like to think they are calling out for us to make a different choice. Free yourself, they are calling. Birds are often seen as messengers. The Tower has been struck, it is burning to ashes around us. And yet it is still not to late to make a choice.

At the base of the tower is an ocean. Getting back in touch with our spirituality. Touching base with our emotions will guides us home. And home is the truth all things real are eternal. And nothing unreal exists. What we see passing away is just an illusion. It could never last because it never was.

The Tower has come to wake us from the nightmare.