Daily Archives: November 18, 2015


Work went well today. Another day of running around filling multiple roles.
It started off in produce. Naturally enough, since I was scheduled in produce. I put brown sugar and marshmallows on the farmer’s market table.After I pulled most of the gourds off the table. I also moved the small pumpkins from one end cap to another.
Then I worked some juice which had been sitting in the coolers for weeks. It would probably be sitting there still if I hadn’t pushed for something to be done. There are a lot of things it seems like don’t happen until I push to get them done.
Afterwards I pushed some carts. Took a break.
After break I stocked a cart. I removed the rest of the gourds. Brenda asked me to refill the helium balloons. I stocked the bananas and worked the register for a few minutes.
Then I took lunch.
After lunch I covered deli and did some work in produce. For the deli I only CVPed a few things. I watered my herbs. Then I pushed carts again for a while. I stocked dairy and eggs. Also I had to get back on the register again. Afterwards I dumped my compost. And cleaned the floor.
The last thing I did was check dates. Then pull my cardboard from the cooler.