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The Chariot

The Chariot card is about two forces.

Two forces opposed to each other. Light and dark. Love and hate. But they need each other. And we need both.

The Chariot card is number 7 in the deck. The number for knowledge. To control these forces, we need understanding. To use these forces we need awareness. We cannot stop these energies.

The world is at a point right now where two forces are strong. On the one hand is the power of love. And the other is the power of fear. Like many forces of duality though, this is all on the surface.

To move forward we must use the skill of the charioteer. With a firm grasp of each force. We make them work together. Like two horses pulling a chariot. We use their power to further our goals and healing.

It takes a focused will to take the reins. When we look at the world and focus. We see how fear and love are related. There is nothing to fear. And everything to love. But when you believe there is everything to fear and nothing to love. Desperation is a natural.

We are all one. And it is not understanding this connection. A lack of focus on what unites us which creates fear. When a person or group feels alone. They feel afraid. When they feel persecuted. They feel afraid.

Some groups try to isolate others. And some try to persecute. But both are lies. No one is alone. No one is persecuted. In the end we persecute only ourselves. We isolate only ourselves. We are all one. This cannot be said enough.

The focused mind can bring together warring people. And can align discordant ideas. The speed of a chariot depends on two horses. They have be to focused. And working towards the same goal. Only a focused mind can.

In the card before this we had the lovers. One of the strongest cards of duality. It is like the first time we have a choice. We must choose. But in this card we have made our choice.

In the next card we face Strength. A powerful card of struggle and balance. In this card the forces are equal. But in the next card they will struggle. We will still need both. So the struggle is to maintain each in its place.

This card could mean you are entering a conflict. This could be between you and someone else. But it is most likely between others. And you are in between. You can’t pick one or the other as being right and wrong. You have to find a way to bring people together. To help them to understand each other.

This is the card in some ways of the diplomat. The person who works to find a deal for everyone. What the world needs now is more diplomats.

Acts of fear are taking place everyday now. And they cause others to react with fear. When we pause and reach into our hearts. We will find peace and understanding. We will see we have not been attacked. Because we cannot be attacked. Only love is real.

We need to spread this message. Help people to understand. If we can we will have fewer acts of fear. And less to fear. Then we will have more to love.

Meditation is a deep focus. We can also pray. Chant the names of the lord. Each drop of love we create adds to the ocean. We are all one so no love is wasted. All hate creates fear.


Landlord Lets Reporters Into San Bernardino Suspects’ Home – The New York Times

The images of journalists going through the belongings of the shooting suspects raised questions about what arrangements had been made with law enforcement officials.

Source: Landlord Lets Reporters Into San Bernardino Suspects’ Home – The New York Times

First of all this makes me sick.

An approach to news like this was one of the things I hated the most about my last job. Part of my job was covering traffic accidents. And my editor once told me I should be more assertive in talking to people who had just been in the accident.

Well, excuse me. But as a human I find it rude, intrusive and insensitive. Someone who has just had a traumatizing experience may want to talk about it, but most would say no.

What is the point? Gathering details about something which delayed people by 20 minutes getting home? Information which is forgotten almost as soon as heard. What does it contribute? And just because people want it, should it be provided.

So they rummaged through the apartment. And what did they find? They found children’s book. Toys, a crib, photos of people, a state ID, two Korans and a prayer rug (which they walked all over). What is the news value in any of this stuff?

We already knew they had a child. Did any of this bring a deeper understanding to a sad event? Is there any lasting value to the information?

Now, I do want to add I understand the reporters. Being on a hot news story is like being on a drug. There is a rush, and the more information you get the more the rush. Like any drug it is going to impair your judgement. I can’t say I wouldn’t have gone in the apartment had I been given the chance. In the case of the TV reporters someone along the line should have pulled the plug.

In addition when you see a mob doing something, it doesn’t feel as wrong. This is how people who are normally law abiding turn into rioters.

What were they looking for in the apartment? This is just my opinion. But I think they were looking for something to allay their fears. These acts were committed by what appears to be a normal family. How scary to think normal looking people can become mass killers. What they didn’t find was something which made them unusual. A way in which they were not a normal family. Something like a giant Daesh flag covering a bedroom window.

On a larger scale people want to see these images. It is the same reason why people slow to look at accidents on the freeway (and cause further accidents). There is something about people who wants to know the details of a family who lost their home in a fire. And I don’t know if it is right. But they want to see the inside of a mass killer’s apartment.

But just because they want it, should it be provided? Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.