Daily Archives: December 8, 2015


It has been a while since I did a work post. I have been scheduled in produce. But my schedule means less and less every day. They have me working in the backroom, dairy, deli, produce, and cash register. Today I spent almost my whole shift outside dumping ┬átrailer with Dan. I didn’t mind it so much, besides the rain. But I am beginning to be bothered by the work load my being out of the department causes others. Since I was out of the department, I did no stocking, no culling and no pulling of dates. These are all things which make the opener behind when the arrive in the morning. I know how much I appreciate when I come in and a lot has been done. I feel bad not to be able to offer the same to my co-workers. Of course I am helping the store as a whole. Soon I think there should be a discussion about my moving out of produce. A different role would be better, one with more flexibility. One which isn’t so crucial like produce. Besides I have learned basically nothing. And learning is one of my top priorities. What I did accomplish today, was a deep cleaning of the backroom floors.