Daily Archives: December 9, 2015


A blonde woman sits at the computer across from me. And a brown-haired man.

The woman has gotten up to look at movies. The library has a small collection. But  a variety of good movies.

The brown-haired man uses a Chrome book. A laptop borrowed from the library. He sniffs quietly. Working on a project. He listens to music on the bulky headset.

The blonde woman is back at the computer. But she is distracted by her phone. She looks first at her phone. Then she looks up at the computer. There is a calm noise in the library. Parts of conversation are heard around the room.

The man across from me with the brown hair wears a coat. It was a brown leather coat. And it is open at the front.

A woman in a red coat sits down at the computer next to me. She plugs a scanner into the computer. On her lap is a note book about yoga. She appears to be in her forties.

She wears a monkey hat. It has flaps to cover and keep her ears warm. The woman is scanning materials into the computer from her notebook.

Across from the me the brown-haired man types. Then rises to use the restroom.

The woman in the red coat is getting help from the librarian. She has grey tights. And a pair of multi-colored shorts. The woman wears glasses. They have silver rims.

On her thin white fingers is a ring. On her ring finger. A ring with hearts. It is a simple piece of jewelry.

She sits on the chair with one leg under her. The other leg resting on the floor. She is scanning multiple pages. She slips a flash drive into the USB port. On her face is a solid look. An impression of focus and determination. She has a goal to achieve. But now she is done, she takes the scanner and gets up.

New people are at the table. Some time has passed. The man in the leather coat remains. A bigger man in a black coat reads a magazine. His hands resting on either side of the open pages.

A younger man sits next to me. He wears a white crochet hat. And is checking out a fashion site on the computer. It has been a quiet day at the library.

The big man across from me has curly hair. A grey short-haired beard shows his age. But his hair retains a shade of brown. With only traces of grey.

He has ear bud headphones¬†and silver rimmed glasses. His eyes focus on the magazine through the silver rims. His coat is zipped closed. A man’s face stares back from the magazine. The big man reads, turns the page and reads more. It is a copy of Time magazine. The man gets up and puts the magazine away.

I man next to me, in the white hat, looks at a newspaper. Then returns to viewing a news story on the computer.

A small child’s voice can be heard across the room. Outside it has gotten dark. It is only 5:30 but the days are getting short. Soon the times will change and days will get longer.

The man in the leather coat looks intense. Focused on his project on the computer. His hands resting on the keyboard. He sighs and watches a woman in a green coat walk behind him. The woman in the green coat is looking at movies.

Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail. The blonde hair is short. She picks out a movie and looks at the cover. Her green jacket is a wind-breaker. It has a hood and looks like a coat for wet weather.

A cough is heard from the far side of the library. The librarian returns movies to the shelf.

I once found an attractive woman at the library. And wrote a great entry about her. Now every time I come back I look for her. But she is not here. Maybe it was better before I happened upon her. Then I didn’t expect to find someone so attractive to write about for this exercise.

The super hot library chick is behind me now. My day is complete. She has a maroon top on. With a black sleeveless bubble jacket on top. Her brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. She examines the CDs through black plastic frame glasses. Under the maroon top are black tights.

She is behind me and I feel like turning around to look at her is really noticeable. The man in the white hat saw me, and smirked. But I don’t know how much I care. I want to look again.

And now she is gone. The other librarian is putting away CDs. The grumpy one. An older white male with a squared striped top. He is always wearing a similar shirt.

The hot librarian is now putting movies away. She straightens the ones on the shelf. I think she must be in her 20s. Though someone said it takes a long time to be a librarian.

She has black shoes with white socks peeking out. A small patch of white skin visible between her socks and tights. She walks with such purpose. If only she would speak more and I could hear her voice.

But the library is closing soon. I should be moving along.