Daily Archives: December 11, 2015

Seven of Cups

This is a card about our dreams and imagination. The card of self creation. We learn to know ourselves. And in doing so learn about our true desires.

In the card we see seven cups. And in each one of them is a different image. There are many areas of our lives we need to understand. To understand our life passion as a whole. In the end it will be about our careers. But also include relationships. It is something we do for ourselves. And it is something we do for the world. It is physical and spiritual. All the paths will take us to the same goal. And it will be the root which feeds everything.

But the different images also speak to a range of dreams. One may dream of being mayor. Another a writer, or a painter or a school teacher. We each have our own path. Our own dream. But beware, to live your passion is the ultimate path less traveled. No one else ever can live your passion. So it is a path you must walk alone.

Don’t limit yourself to having a successful career. Or a relationship which is a success. Even just a spiritual success isn’t enough. You can have it all. And you will if you believe.

And don’t have a narrow view of your options. The universe has a wide view of your potential. You may be a doctor, or a lawyer. Or you could even be a clown. Find your dharma and live it to the fullest.

It is better to live your own dharma badly. Than to live another’s dharma perfectly.

In the card before was the six of cups. We have watered many emotional pots in our lives. And the Six of Cups is where they start to sprout. We have given our love, our spirit. Now this love and spirit is developing. Many of the options in our future are a direct result of this harvest.

But we must be wise. The next card is the Eight of Cups. A card which represents someone who made a poor choice. Or someone focused on a limited choice. Maybe we feel let down by our choices. The path we took didn’t lead to our passions. Or maybe our passions weren’t what we expected.

The world is our oyster. But often we doubt the pearl once it is in our hands. Or we hold on to something we know isn’t right for us. Even as other options remain.

But right now all cards are on the table. The Seven of Cups is providing us with our dreams. But even now the dreams have lost something by becoming real. A writer dreams of stopping to write a book. And then the chance comes, and the hours pass. The stillness of their own voice is too much.

And sometimes just making a choice can feel overwhelming. But all paths lead you to success. Take a breath and let your heart be your guide. Meditate and do yoga. Feel the tension in your body as your examine different options. You know the truth. If you can find a way to listen.

In the Seven of Cups everything is possible. But not everything is probable.