Daily Archives: December 15, 2015

The Stranger

I saw her at self check-out. She was a rush of energy. Full of power and chaos.

There was a vibration around her. Like the only person living in colour in a black and white world. There was a grace about her. A style and efficiency.

When I walked over to assist her I felt something inside me move. Just the nearness of her beating soul. Like a flame on a cold beach.

And she looked at me with such a clear vision. A look of love. But not love just for me. It was the look of loving everyone. And I wanted to love her back.

My heart was beating. My hands were sweating. There was a spark on the air.

Her eyes were so still and a deep green. I looked at them for a moment. And they radiated something deeper. An open door to another world. With a welcome mat.

When she turned her head a cascade of red hair swirled. It carried the passion of her soul. And I wanted to touch it, to keep a strand of it for courage.

Her light dress was flowing like her hair. And while I only talked to her for a moment. I felt like I knew her. And like I wanted to know her better.

I walked away on lighter feet. She smiles a beam of light and departed my life.