Daily Archives: December 18, 2015

Five of Wands

There is a path starting in peace. And it can take us to our dreams. But it passes through struggle. The Five of Wands.

Wands is a card about energy. And the energy in this card is in conflict. There are four figures who appear to be fighting. They each hold a wand. But a fifth wand is taller.

Five is about change. We struggle from the peace we experienced in the Four of Wands. To gain the victory in the Six of Wands.

This may be a simple argument about which is the right choice. It could be a group looking for a leader. It could be a new idea being resisted. These five figures though are not connecting to each other. And none of them see the greater wand in the background.

Could there a uniting force? Is the group forgetting the vision? And the idea which unites them as one? Maybe a leader is present, but no one is listening.

If we are to win. The path has to be together. We need to put aside our petty problems. We need each other. The Five of Wands is a reminder our fears are small. And our love can be larger.

Love is the force which unites. It helps to smooth the path to a true victory. One in which we all win. But we have to let go of what pushes us into these fights. Our small egos.

In the Five of Cups we suffer a loss. And here we also suffer a loss. The loss of our egos. The ego says fight. The spirit says unite. We are all one how can we fight?

The wands is a suit of energy. From the Ace all the way to the Ten. The strongest energy is love. Because it allows all things to be real. And the most real expression of love is forgiveness.

People have hurt us in the past. We have hurt others. People have hurt themselves. And we have hurt ourselves. So we all suffered pain. And we all need love. Put down the wands of ego and hold hands. Forgive them, forgive yourself and be free.

In the Six of Wands there is only one figure. There is only one victory.

The most important person to forgive can be ourselves. We are at conflict with our past. Our fears for the future. Guilt and shame over sins from the past can linger. They must be forgiven. We did what we understood was best then. And now the best thing is forgive ourselves. Forgive who we were then and who we are now.

This card could be a sign we need to evaluate our inner struggles. Think about the ways we battle ourselves. Which side are we on in this inner struggle? Are we missing the big picture?

The figures in this card aren’t connecting. They don’t even look like they care about the battle. Maybe because they know it is pointless. But going back to the peace of the past doesn’t work. The conflicts need to be resolved. The whole made one. A peace cannot endure made of pieces.