Daily Archives: December 20, 2015

Page of Swords

There is someone with a message.  A new idea.

The Page of Swords is about new ideas. It could be a new idea shared with us. Or a new idea we share with others.

Page cards represent a beginning energy. Swords are the cards of mental energy. A new life lesson could be coming you way. And it is likely one where you will learn and grow. But you will also be teaching another.

Your mind may be active and restless. There is a strong feeling of lack of focus with this card. The newness of potential is ripe. These are the first few moments. Anything is possible.

Once you gain some focus. You can take your energy. And become the knight of swords. He enters the battle on the side of good. He fights the forces of evil.

The most important lesson of this card is not new ideas. It is more than new ideas. It is new thought patterns. This card represents a new way of looking at the world. As we learn, we share with others.

We bless the universe with our knowledge. Our own enlightenment the best gift we offer. The Page of Swords is our entry to this awareness. We begin to understand who we are. And our value.

The figure in the card isn’t holding the sword. It sits in front of the figure. It is ready for use. As our mind is ready to serve us, once we give it a true focus. Only love is real. When we focus on anything else we focus on nothing.

We must take a moment to learn about our power. Understand the ideas we are teaching. Ready ourselves before we set off. Because if we charge off without our head. Then we will surely lose our way. And our message will fail.

Before you use the sword. Make sure you know the sword. Our minds may be the most powerful weapons on the planet. But they are so often focused on nothing. Only love is real. If you are not focused on love. You are focused on nothing.

Like the Page of Cups, we need to find a passion. The ideas need to drive us beyond ourselves. We need passion bigger than ourselves. To understand and teach ideas bigger than ourselves. What is it which really motivates your soul?

Life has many different lessons to offer. Some come in the classroom. But many come from the challenges of life. Think about what life is trying to teach you in the next couple days. If you are blocked by something. Maybe the lesson is to be more flexible. Or maybe you need to learn another way.

Maybe you just need to learn about your own power. Learn to have faith and believe in yourself.

But it could be a new job. And part of the new job will be personal growth. Learning lessons you will need soon.

The universe is a classroom. And when we continue to look at the world as a student. Or as a scientist. We continue to learn more about the world and more about ourselves.