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The Judgement

There is a final judgement. But we do not find sin in this judgement. We find innocence. God created us without flaw. Without flaw we remain. God created us in Love. And in Love we remain.

There is a part of us which fears the judgement. This is our ego. And it isn’t real. We created our own egos out of fear. A fear born out of a belief in sin. The idea we could be impure before our creator. An insane idea which says what God made perfect, can now be flawed.

Our ego thinks it is protecting us. It wants to avoid judgement because it believes in sin. But sin is no more real than the ego. And when we stand before God, we are sinless. Being sinless means our ego will be lost. And the ego doesn’t want to die.

In the card before we came into the light. A truth came into our lives. We saw real love for the first time. This truth, this love is what brought us to judgement. Because it is the final truth. And it is the final love.

The number 20 is on the card. One of only two cards with a number in the 20s. We move beyond ourselves for the first time in our journey. And in doing so we get a view of ourselves. Like when we flew to the moon. And we got our first view of Earth.

In Christian beliefs the judgement is about a sorting. Those people will go to Heaven. These people will go to Hell. But the judgement is about sorting the truth from the lie. Everything which is Love is true. Everything which is not, is a lie. For the first time we see.

This opens our awareness. Being sinless we can rejoin a sinless God. The next card is The World. Where we once again accept our home. We once again see we are one with all. And we once again see all is love. We are Love. God is Love. Only Love is Real.

On the card a figure holds a trumpet to his lips. There is a feeling of bringing an awareness. This card could mean we will understand our role in a situation. There may be accusations of blame. And we may have made mistakes. These mistakes could come to light.

We are sinless. But our actions sometimes come from a place of hurt. When we act on love we act on truth. But too often we act on fear. A true judgement will show where we stepped off the path. But it will also show we remain sinless. For our mistakes were made under an illusion.

This can actually be a card of healing. When we see how we have hurt others. We can go to them offering and asking for love. Tell them how sorry we are for the actions which caused them pain. We have to forgive ourselves. And if someone comes to us asking for forgiveness. We need to forgive them.

To not forgive is to not be living in love. Which is to live a lie. Only love is real. We show true love for others by asking them for forgiveness. We show ourselves love by forgiving ourselves. And love for others by forgiving them.

We are one in Love. We are one in God. This is the message of the judgement.

Lisa MoonCat Signs & Insights | Tarot, Astrology, Finance

Winter Solstice invites reflection. In the darkness of the longest night we sit calmly beside our shadow self and witness our fears. Acknowledging our fears starts the releasing process. We have to love our being completely. Personality ego flaws are challenges to find new ways to express ourselves. Doubt is a call to put down perfectionism and allow ourselves to try and fail. If we admit our mistakes and keep trying, failure is fleeting. Addiction, shame, guilt and blame are surface reflections of fear as well. Underneath these lies fears of judgement, rejection and abandonment. We all want to be loved, but seeking love from places where we have to limit ourselves creates a cycle of resentment and abandonment. Notice the people who love you unabashedly, exactly as you are. Showing up for those relationships is good practice for committing to loving yourself.

Source: Lisa MoonCat Signs & Insights | Tarot, Astrology, Finance


From my amazing friend Lisa’s blog.

Full Moon

The full moon is in Cancer. A water sign and it’s home sign. This gives the moon extra power. Domestic concerns are a focus of Cancer energy. And the full moon tonight calls us home. Bring your energy. And your hearts and come home. It is a time for healing. Cancer is a sign of nurturing and healing. Full moons are about closing cycles.

It is a time to heal old wounds. Close the book on a grievance. Remember only love is real.

Trine the full moon is Neptune. The ruler of Pieces. This energy brings insight. It can enable us to bridge gaps. If we are open we can touch each other’s hearts. Families are breeding grounds for hurt. Because they are the closest. And the ones we love and need the most. Neptune helps us reconnect.

Even our loved ones who have passed. When the wounds are from those who are gone. They can be the hardest to heal. At this moment it is easier.

Mercury and Jupiter are also trine. Mercury is the ruler of communication. And Jupiter’s energy helps it to flow. It gives us hope and belief in ourselves. And others. These energies can help us reach out to family. Old issues are hard to discuss. The wounds need healing. But it isn’t easy. This helps create a flow. And a trust between us.

In addition there is a trine with Pluto. The ruler of the underworld. This will help us reach deep into our shadows. The pain is hard to face sometimes. It takes will. Pluto will give you the strength.

This all comes a couple days after solstice. A time of year for reflection. Until summer the shadows retreat. But we are both shadow and light. The earth needs winter and summer.