Daily Archives: December 26, 2015

My Water Bottle

Twenty details about my water bottle.

1) It is made of a solid glass. It feels firm in your hand.

2) The brand name, VOSS, is written along the side in large letters. The writing is a san-serif modern font.

3) I buy this brand for the re-usable bottle. And to avoid plastic chemicals.

4) It is cylinder shaped, with a plastic silver coloured lid.

5) The bottle says the water is artesian. An artesian water source is deep, and protected by solid rock layers.

6) The bottle is 800 ml., or 1.5 pt, 3.1 fl. oz.

7) I used to drink a lot of warm tea from VOSS bottles.

8) I like the feeling of the bottle in my hand.

9) And I think water tastes better from glass.

10) The bottle could come across of snobby. If you were going to personify the bottle.

11) VOSS comes from Norway. While there is a town of Voss, the water is bottled somewhere else.

12) There is a cold feeling in the glass of the bottle.

13) I never re-fill my water bottle with anything but water. Or tea.

14) Right now it is empty but for a few drops at the bottom.

15) I started buying VOSS when I lived in Arcata.

16) All the letters on the bottle are white.

17) The mouth of the bottle is narrow, and threads into a narrow lip inside the lid.

18) VOSS is my favorite water.

19) But it isn’t cheap.

20) The bottle is between 1 and 2 feet tall.