Daily Archives: December 30, 2015

Moon in Virgo

The moon in Virgo today is a good time to think about details. Take a moment to step back, tidy up a mess. Catch up on chores. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So it is a good time for mental exercises. And tasks which require focus. It can be easy to be critical of yourself today. But try to forgive yourself even the details. The moon is opposite Neptune. This creates a conflict of energy. This could cause us to want to escape our chores. Or expect too much from ourselves. Virgo is an Earth sign. So a focus on details can ground us. A trine with the sun brings our ego into the picture. Making it easier to be critical of ourselves. And harder to forgive. This energy also comes from the planet Saturn. It sits square the moon. This puts limits in the game. Don’t push yourself. Don’t push the rules. And a trine Pluto arrives late in the day. Pluto adds an emotional aspect to the mix. (Say Happy Birthday to Sean Hannity)

Eight of Swords

Life can be full of anxiety. The Eight of Swords is a prison. But the space is our own minds.
We are bound. And blindfolded. Trapped by our own ideas. We choose to see the world in a certain way. And the world presents itself. Our jobs, our relationships and ourselves are images. We can choose different. But it isn’t easy.

Eight is a card of power. But unlike other eights this card holds us. In the card a figure is tied. A blindfold covers their eyes. And on either side are four swords. Swords are the mind. This blindfold and the bindings are in our mind. We are trapped by ourselves. By our own fears. Which is only a lack of self-love.

The eight of pentacles shows us the power of our skills. And the eight of wands represents the power of movement. Eight is so close to ten, there is always something missing. But what is missing couldn’t be clearer than in the Eight of Swords. We stand in the gap between the swords.

When you knock 8 over you get the infinity sign. And I believe this speaks to a condition which has the power to continue on its own. We will remain trapped until we take the first step.

The card before this was a time of discovery. We explored our ideas of the world. And we left some behind. But we still haven’t learn to be flexible. It isn’t about taking and leaving ideas. We need to allow ideas to change. Because the world changes. And we change.

In the next card we face the depths of anxiety. The Nine of Swords is one of the darkest cards in the deck. All our sins come back to us. Now as we experience the Eight of Swords is our time. We can change the future. Make tomorrow full of proud moments. And not full of regrets. Take action. Believe something different is possible.

I know all this is easy to say and hard to do.

This card is telling you to set yourself free. There is something which is holding you back. And it won’t let you go. You must let go of it. You must take your own life in hand. Free yourself. Who will free your soul, if you don’t free your own?

The first step is to choose to love yourself. Don’t look for a reason to be proud, so you can love yourself. Love yourself first and then be proud of the accomplishment. It is a hard task which many never master.