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Moon for Jan. 31

Today is an active day for the moon. It is half-way to being a new moon. Times of waxing for the moon are times of release. Let go of things. End a job or a relationship. Today the moon is in Scorpio. Early in the day it trines Neptune. Feelings emerge from deep in our mind. The best path for expression will be imagination. Try and take a moment for art today. If we fail to acknowledge these feelings. They can become twisted and more extreme. Every part of ourselves is true. We are made of pure love. There are two things which scare us. The first are lies which need to be released. The second are truths which need to be accepted. Later in the afternoon Venus trines the moon. Have friends over. You may feel a pull towards being social. But don’t let this be an escape. Take time for yourself today as well. Think about the truths of your values. And how true are those truths. In the evening the sun squares the moon. Our ego puts our emotions in check. It is tempting to side with the ego. But if we took a moment with Neptune. We are more likely to side with our emotions. This is in part preparing us for a shock. When Mercury square Uranus. These two planets will shake up our ideas.

The Magician

The Magician is card one. With this card the trip starts. The Fool is the journey. Or is it ourselves. We meet The Magician at our door step. Like Bilbo Baggins. An adventure awaits. The adventure of life.

The Magician stands solid on the ground. One hand extends to the sky. In it is a wand. The wand is The Magician’s tool. It is the tool used to channel energy. It is used to direct focus. In this case it is directing the energy from the sky. The Magician is drawing down magic. Because the source of all magic is the one. And the strongest magic is love.

The Magician’s other hand points to the ground. The energy coming from the sky. Is sent to the ground. What The Magician does is take unseen energy, and make it seen. The energy of the universe. Is channeled into form. We are all magicians. Because we create this world as a shadow of our will. We make choices. And set up beliefs and ideas about the world. These choices. These ideas and beliefs. They become our world. Where The Magician is different is focus. We fail to focus, and often focus on failure.

The Magician is wearing two garments. The outside is red. A color of passion. Show the world your passion. Be passionate. But underneath the passion keep your pure heart. We see this purity in the white garment worn close to the skin. This is a reminder we are made of love, and will always be love. A purple belt ties the inner garment. This is a reminder of our status as children of God.

On the table are a cup, a sword, a pentacle and a staff. These are the symbols for the four elements. But also for the four suits of the tarot. The Magician gives us all the tools we need. Tools for our emotions, cups. Tools for our mind, swords. Tools for the material realm, pentacles. And tools for our energy, staff. These are all the tools we need. Once we have learned their power. We will be unstoppable. Which is to say, we will no longer stop ourselves. These tools are on the table between the viewer and The Magician. They are a gift given to all of us.

Above The Magician’s head is the symbol of infinity. This is a reminder from where our power comes. And a reminder of its unlimited nature. We are one with God. And God puts no limits on love. The greatest power of all.

Around The Magician are red roses. These are a reflection of the rose from The Fool. It is our senses. They have increased our passion. But also made them more personal. We have lost a purity in our passion. But gain a focus. The rose itself is a symbol for love. But at this point in our journey will still can’t see pure love. So we see our attached love.

The Magician is calling you to explore your power. You have skills you are not using. Tools are available to you. And you let them lay around. The universe is inviting you to grow. It is encouraging you to take your power back. It wants you to be the best you possible. The universe can give you the tools. But it cannot give you the will. You need to take the wand. Focus your mind. Change yourself and your world for the better.

The Magician can transform many things. But the greatest magician transforms themselves. This card is calling for you to take this step. You are being given the magic. And the tools to make a change. End a relationship you have outgrown. Quit a job below your ability. Discover a new skill or talent. Develop an old skill or talent in a new way.

This card is about being born into your life. We are born over and over. And it can be painful. But recall the beauty of a bigger life on the other side. Just do it. Because you are made of love. You will always be love. And you deserve to be your best. The world deserves your best.

Moon for Jan. 30

Today the moon is calm. Not much action until tonight. The moon is void of course all day. You could feel rootless. The moon void of course is not a time for plans. Void of course periods are unconnected times. We may lack direction. This is a good time for focus on ourselves. Also not a good time for shopping. The moon is leaving Libra. But most of the day still feels its power. And Venus is sextile Mercury. Venus is the ruler of Libra. It could be a day for romance. If you have someone, Neptune draws you closer. Its deep emotions bonding you. Neptune was the ruler of the ocean. And Venus was the ruler of the heart. We feel comfortable with our emotions. Those who are single may feel a deep bond with a friend. Or find love hidden before their eyes. Be open to your heart. And you emotions. Moving into Scorpio is a powerful change. Ruled by Pluto. It is the deepest of the signs. It could push our romance deeper. Or a friendship deeper. Or our love for ourselves. Remember only love is real. And there is only one love. Today is a day to relax and feel the love.

Moon for Jan. 29

There is a lot going on today. The moon remains in Libra. This will help us keep balance. And give us perspective. Turn to friends today. Don’t go it alone. Early in the day the moon trines the sun. This puts us in a place where we feel connected to our emotions. Two parts of ourselves. Which are often at odds work together. Our emotions can make us stronger. Or they can make us weaker. In large part it depends on our comfort with our emotions. Next the moon sextiles Saturn. Limits are our friends today. We feel the need to say no. And if we do it will do us good. Knowing our limits makes us stronger. In the afternoon Mercury squares the moon. Emotionally we question our ideas. Our mind is doubting our hearts. We could choose to listen to either. But the best is take the Libra energy and listen to both. A square soon follows of Pluto and the moon. Deep doubts surface. Pluto is a powerful planet. With a sexual energy. This brings a focus to these bonds. Do we trust our partners. Or those we wish were partners. Our doubts will only grow. When Uranus opposes the moon. We begin to feel different. But in a bad way. We question why others may be lucky. And why are not. We feel alone emotionally. And this makes us doubt ourselves. Remember the moment in the sun this morning. Because doubts grow as the day passes. At the end of the day Mercury aligns with Pluto. We begin to move out of our emotions. Our heart could lose to our heads. Mental energy becomes stronger. Emotions weaker. We need a friend more than ever.

And the two become one…

The two stood on the bridge. The Kissing bridge was theirs. Under it the creek rolled past. They held hands. And kissed.

“I think I fell in love with you here.”

But it wasn’t on the bridge. It wasn’t in the park. Not even while doing yoga. It was the small town. So romantic. It felt like anything could happen. Even love.

“I may have always loved you, even before we met again here.”

It wasn’t the first time they had met. But the first time was brief. The time they spent together in this place lasted longer.

They pulled each other close. Listened to the creek sounds below. A child could be heard running in the park. And their dog was nearby. They didn’t live here when they met. And if they fell in love here, they moved apart. They both left alone.

But like the old legend. Love is a thread connecting those it bonds forever. And they returned, one at a time. To the Kissing Bridge. To love.

They didn’t need starbursts. They didn’t need marble halls. They had each other now. And life in a mountain town. And the Kissing Bridge. It was a part of their daily walks.

“I love this bridge.”

“And I love you for loving this bridge.”

Some people feel like love comes and goes. Then it won’t come back again. And yes, before this love had mostly gone. But one of them learned a valuable lesson about love. It was a lesson the other taught. Maybe the bridge itself taught. Time can teach many things to an open heart. Most of all the lesson was how closed their heart had been. For years.

It was like a door. You imagine it to be wide open. In fact you feel the draft. But all the time it is only a crack. A small un-inviting crack which people pass and don’t notice. Why not come in, they sat on the inside wondering. Why not love me? But love is open. And the door was not open.

But they were together now. Together in the magical park. It was their bridge. Of course others used it. They walked dogs. They rode bikes or jogged. Some even paused like they. But it was only their kissing spot. Only the most romantic place in their world. It was just a bridge. In a park. Crossing a small creek.

But even the most simple places can have deep beauty.

“Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready for this moment for a long time.”

They were both ready. And they were both nervous. They had each told their families. But their families didn’t understand them. And many didn’t bother to show for their day. They didn’t see their love. They didn’t understand the connection they shared. Some felt it was a mistake. And wrong.

If they could stand on the Kissing Bridge, and kiss. If they could know the passion the two felt. Then they wouldn’t think about right and wrong. It wouldn’t be a world of men and women, black and white, rich and poor. The truth would be clear. And the truth is only love is real. Everything else is a lie. There isn’t gay and straight. There is only love.

But we don’t live in a world which understands this truth. And this world hadn’t made it easy for them to be together. But through it all. All they could see was love. They never saw problems. They never saw judgement. Just love, their love. And today they were going to share it with the world. As much of it willing to be a part.

They stood a moment longer. The Kissing Bridge was comfortable. In the park friends waited. A group a chairs under a tree. A pastor friend who saw their love. They released hands. Tradition had to be changed because they weren’t traditional. One walking down the isle, and one waiting. They wanted to walk together. And they did.

They believed in ceremony. In ritual. In the power of bonds, like love. But they wanted to make them their own. Because they were not like those many before. Through the ages many have loved. But they had chosen a different path. They knew it and couldn’t deny.

In the future they’ll come back to this spot in the park. They will still have the Kissing Bridge. But now they have the love tree. The place where they turned a moment into eternity.

Moon for Jan. 28

The moon moves into Libra today. This means a focus on balance. For the last few days we focused on a plan. And now we need to think about action. Libra is a cardinal sign. An active sign. Often we have to take steps to reach balance in our lives. We can’t be passive. But Libra is also about relationships. So others may step into our plans. They are there to guide us. To help us focus. Maybe to motivate us. We may be surprised by who comes to our aid today. Throughout the day the moon remains inactive. Which means a strong focus on Libra. In fact the one aspect is with Venus. Late in the day. It is a trine. Venus is the ruler of Libra. This makes the energy strong. Draw people to you who share your values. And they will help you reach your goals. You may find a hint of romance along the path. Be open to anything. Remember only love is real. Libra is in some ways a balance to Virgo. The sign of Virgo was so focused on details. And working out our path alone. But now we open our hearts. We share our path with friends. We help them and they help us.


It has been a while since I have been at the library. I have less than an hour. Maybe I can finish things at the other library. Today there are two men at the  table. Both older.

One has a shaggy beard. The brown of the beard matches his hair. But a shade lighter. He is using a small laptop. The man is wearing a moss green jacket. Like an army jacket. Or outdoor wear. Under which is a shirt, of matching color. But it also has plaid stripes.

Next to the man’s laptop is a small black case. With a large pocket for the laptop. And two pockets on the side for other things. Maybe the power cord.

The green-jacketed man is using the computer quietly. Browsing an unknown website. The other man has headphones. He is using a library laptop. A Chromebook lent to patrons for use in the library.

This man has a growing bald patch. But it is just beginning. Dark wire rimmed glasses rest on a clean shaven face. By the movement of his head he appears to be listening to music. He is using laptop number 38.

He has a Columbia Wear fleece coat on, zipped up to the collar. It is a shade between gray and green. He is focused on his task and his music. He appears to be in his 50s. While the other man appears to be in his 30s.

Under the sleeve of the mans gray jacket a watch is visible. His fingers are long and don’t show signs of hard labor. His nails are neat, clean and trimmed. There is a delicacy to his hand. And their movement on the mouse. The other man’s hands are larger, more rugged. They have more hair. A dark hair.

The two men seem unaware of each other. And unaware of myself. In the library a rustle of conversation can be heard. Behind me a librarian performs tasks on a computer.

She appears to be in her 40s, but she has dyed pink hair. Just strands. Her face is hidden behind the monitor from my perspective. I am sitting facing the wall. I prefer to face the window for the view. But the two men are taking up both those chairs. I haven’t seen or heard the hot librarian today. Last time I was here I spoke to her on the way out.

It was small talk. What do you say to someone you don’t know. Someone you think is hot. Hey, want to come over and get to know each other. I’m not a lecher. But I don’t know how to talk to anyone.

I can hear the typing of the librarian. The man with the green jacket sniffles. The other man clicks his mouse. Footsteps make their way across the back of the library. And a woman unzips her coat walking behind me.

She is browsing the New Books shelf. Thin legs in dark jeans, with a dark nylon coat. She carries a blue backpack on one shoulder. Her dark curly hair stopping just above her shoulders. She is absorbed in a book. The librarian is typing faster. The other librarian walks out of the bathroom. This man has no personality. I had to pay a fine. I prefer to call it a donation, I told him. He had no response. How does someone like him end up working at a library. I think I would enjoy working at a library.

A woman is looking for something. And the librarians are helping her. She has a loud voice. Telling the librarian the books she is looking for are new. She is spelling out what she is looking for to the librarian.

The woman in the dark coat has put down her book. She is now browsing the shelf again.

I have about 27 minutes to write and post. The internet is shut off before the library closes. The woman looking for the book takes a magazine off the rack. She has dark skin, dark hair wrapped up in a head scarf. She has gone to another area of the library to read. I can never really see what is going on behind me. And in front of me the two men remain.

The one in the green jacket now checking his phone. The other still focused on his project. Both men still seem to have taken no notice of each other. Or of me.

Something is making an odd noise. A child can be heard asking, “what is that?” The child is near the front of the library, by the check out desk. Now I see the child behind me. Talking to his mother, she looks young. In her twenties at the oldest. She has a knit cap on. The dark color matching the color of her sweat shirt. On her legs are black and gray tights.

The bearded man picked up his laptop and left. The child is asking his mother to go home. There is now an empty seat across from me. But I prefer not to move for now.

Wait, did I just hear her voice? There is a noise like from a cutting machine. Or the shelving of books. Could she really be older than she looks. It sounds like her sexy voice. She is telling a patron the library closes at 6 p.m. I have twenty minutes. Across from me is the magazine rack with a range of titles. From The Economist for business people to Family Fun, Harpers, MAD Magazine, People and of course Portland.

Oh my, I just saw her walk by in her stylish black coat and dark pants. Her walk is so determined. Like a person focused on their destination. A busy person with a lot on her mind. She has a uniform. Not a library uniform. But a set of clothes she has found are comfortable. And which look good on her. It was just a flash, a flash in my mind. And I wait for her to walk by again.

The woman who was browsing the New Books has some titles to borrow. She makes her way to check-out to leave. The man in the fleece checks his watch. How much time do we have before we go. Sixteen minutes.

This little branch is always active, but never busy. Do I hear her voice again. Does she just show up to close the library? Is she always here and just comes out to help close? So many questions. Do I really want to know or would I rather dream about my short hot library girl? She is picking up stacks of books. Taking them to the back for sorting and reshelving?

She must have walked behind me because she went past the same shelf. And I hadn’t seen her walk passed before. The checkout is to my left and the computers to my right. Bathrooms are on the opposite side of the magazine rack.

She smiled at me, and nodded her head. I wonder if she notices me among all the people who come to the library. The strange guy checking her out. The interesting guy with his laptop. The cute guy who gives her the eye. This is all a dream world isn’t it? And I have ten minutes left.

A woman has sat down next to me. She has a brown leather purse, a black coat of soft fabric. And is reading a book. Her short hair is graying and curly.

The hot librarian just stopped to check the clock. Then entered the restroom. Her uniform is a black sleeveless coat, over a blue dress shirt. It hangs lose outside the coat and her pants. It twirls as she moves and flaps as she walks. She will emerge soon. Waiting is the hardest part.

The older lady next to me is reading. She has red plastic rimmed glasses. Along with her purse she carries a white canvass tote bag.

She has exited. She moves so fast it is hard to catch a glimpse. I still don’t know even how old she is, but she may be older than I imagined. Another librarian is putting movies away. The reading lady rest her forehead on her hands, focused on her book. Turning the page.

Her age is visible in the lines on her face.

A young woman just went into the bathroom with a lot of bags. I now have five minutes. And She announced the library closes in 15 minutes. Can I record her voice and play it back later?

Emergency vehicles drive by outside. I am going to post this so I don’t lose it.