Daily Archives: March 1, 2016

Moon for March 1

The moon is in Sagittarius today. The sign of the thinker. The symbol of this sign is the arrow. This is an image of ideas. You shoot the arrow up into the air and see where it lands. But take caution because sometimes the arrow does not land. We may not feel close to our emotions today. We think more than we feel. But Sagittarius is a fire sign, not an air sign. We are full of excitement. Shooting ideas into the air. But we need to listen to our heart. It will keep us grounded. And help us aim. A square between the moon and Neptune leaves us feeling alone. Maybe it feels like no one listens. Maybe it is hard for us to share our ideas. If we listen and follow our heart we will be on the right path. And we don’t need approval from others when we are on the right path. A square between the sun and the moon next drains our energy. The sun is in Pisces. Perhaps we are pushing against apathy. Either in ourselves or our environment. Even the best ideas need someone to care. Again, go back to your heart. If you don’t care, is it the right path. And if someone else doesn’t care. It just means it isn’t their path. The last aspect is with Saturn. The old man pulls for us this time. We find strength in working without our limits. We set high goals knowing we can reach them. But we avoid shooting the moon. Or setting ourselves up for failure by expecting more than anyone can do. Enjoy the brainstorm today. But even in the midst of the storm listen to your heart. Remember only love is real.