Daily Archives: March 10, 2016

Moon for March 10

The moon is in Aries. And you probably want to get moving. I know I do. This restless sign is full of energy. The warrior and the leader are children of the sign. Keep active today. Around the middle of the day the moon trines Saturn. Which is in Sagittarius. We get some guidance from limits today. If we choose to listen. Like all things we have a choice. And often we choose to ignore boundaries. Today the limits aren’t there to hurt us. But we can gain focus from them. Aries is a sign which could us focus. Next the moon squares Pluto. The planet puts a block in the path. We can move around it. Or stop and use it. This square with the planet in Capricorn asks us about our goal. What are we aiming at beyond the next step? In the evening the moon conjuncts Uranus. With thoughts of limits and long term goals in mind. We start to think outside the box. We have to imagine a path we have never walked. If we want to go to a place we have never been. When Mercury conjuncts Neptune this gets deeper. These two planets are in Pisces. They work together to release old thought patterns. We think the same way, we go the same way. But we want something new. If you are open tonight it may be easier to find the new path. Easier to imagine the path you’ve never walked before. Remember only love is real.