Daily Archives: March 12, 2016

Moon for March 12

Today Venus moves into Pisces. Where is joins the sun. Mercury is also in Pisces. Start to look beyond what you value. Think of what lays under the skin. They say beauty is only skin deep. Explore what you value at a deeper level. Do you value friendship? Do you value love? And how do you live these values? Remember, beyond the surface. The moon is in Taurus today. This earth sign grounds us in what is real. It takes us into our voice. Patience it tells us, wait and watch. Our emotions are going to help us dig deep. Early morning the moon sextiles Neptune. This planet is also in Pisces. This is a moment to release an image which isn’t serving you. Think about what will be of service to the world. Or least those you love around you. Later in the morning the moon has a meeting with Mercury. A sextile in Pisces. This will bring your mind into the game. New ideas can be found for new values. And we begin to understand how old images are not enough. After noon Pluto will be in trine with the moon. Still in Capricorn. This planet will tap a deep need in you. You feel pulled to a greater cause. A greater love. And you know you are not living values which take you to this love. At the end of the day comes hope. But a trine with Jupiter and the moon could be too much hope. Stay grounded. The planet Jupiter is in Virgo. Staying grounded can be easier if we think of others. How does our vision help others? How does our love serve others? Remember only love is real.