Daily Archives: March 14, 2016

From my phone

I haven’t posted from my phone in a while. It is morning. I am still waking up and about to get ready for work. This is day 6 of 8. But my last closing produce shift in a while. The next two days I have to close deli. Then I am not scheduled to close deli either.
My cat keeps licking the blanket. And it drives me a bit nuts. It makes this soft, raspy, scraping sound. So, I nudge her to make her stop.
I don’t feel like I have words today. Then again, I have started with little before and produced something. Time is also in the lacking today – and energy.
I like to be able to sit and relax in my writing. Like going to the beach. You don’t want to have to rush to the beach. Sit for thirty minutes. Knowing the whole time you need to rush away when done. You want to rest in the sun and wind. Feeling it kiss your body. Like you’ve always been lovers. Like you always will be together. Even if you know in a part of your mind you won’t.
Back to reality. Tonight I will write something good. I am due to write about The Lovers I believe, and it is a house card for me today. I need to think about my choices, and where they are taking me.
This is shorter than a normal post. But it feels long because my screen is so small.
Happy Pi Day everyone!