Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

The Lovers

Choices are the point of an angle. Paths can take us to very different end. And The Lovers card is about this choice.

The biggest figure in the card is the angel. With a raging hair. This is the arch-angel Raphael. His name has its roots in healing. In the former cards we saw duality. The columns of The High Priestess. And again in The Hierophant. But now there are two people. These two pillars are us. They are our pieces. And the angel is the whole. True healing is about being whole.

The figures on the card are man and woman. Adam and Eve, who faced a choice. To obey or disobey God. They choose to eat the fruit. The tree can be seen behind Eve. Both God and the snake were correct. Eating the fruit brought death. But it also gave them awareness. They now knew what was good and bad. They were kicked out of Eden. But they had never known the paradise. Because all they knew was perfection. Eve was told she would suffer birth pains. And we all suffer those pains. We give birth to ourselves. We join the male and the female inside. And we are born through a painful process. But also one full of joy and growth.

The figures stand naked before the angel and each other. This is a boldness. You cannot enter a healing space unless you are bold. Unless you are open.

Behind the couple is a mountain. Like the tower of Babel it reaches into the sky. This is about how high we can go when we found love. Our oneness both inside and outside.

But this card is about choice. Because we have to choose. Love is a choice. Adam and Eve could not love paradise, because they didn’t choose to be in Eden. It wasn’t until they were removed, they could choose to return. You can’t love a person, if you haven’t chosen the person. If you feel stuck with someone. You will never love them. Even an arranged marriage can be loving. If the partners find a way to make it a choice to be with each other. If we cling to people in fear. Or if we feel we have no other options. This isn’t love.

Adam is looking at Eve. And Eve is looking at the angel. On one level this is about different choices. Adam is choosing to focus on the beauty of this world. Eve is looking at the beauty of the next. If we think about the choices we make every day in life. We can ask ourselves. Are we looking towards the beauty of this world. Or the beauty of the next. The beauty of this world is power and money. In the next world it is only love.

But Adam also represents the conscious mind. It looks to the unconscious – less conscious mind. From it, the conscious mind takes it cues. But the un-conscious or less conscious mind looks to God. Love can enter our passive mind because it is more open. It doesn’t push its will. It listens to the still small voice. The voice of the angel. The voice of healing.

The Lovers is card six. We have met up with a lot of guides. This is the point where what we have learned needs to come back. The power from The Magician. From The High Priestess a deep wisdom. And searching for growth from The Empress. Also an understanding of cycles. The Emperor taught us about being strong. Taking the seat of power in our own lives. But listening to the heart. And the Hierophant showed us tradition. Many have come before us. And we can learn from their paths. With everything we have seen, if we listen and act correctly. We will be on the right path.

The next card in the journey is The Chariot. We may make one choice over the other. But the energy of both go with us. And we need to hold on to both energies. We need to hold the reins and guide them towards a single goal. They are there to serve our dream.

What this card is telling you is a choice is coming. Or maybe you are facing a choice already. Take a moment to reflect with this choice. Understand the point on the map where you are with the choice. And the path of each side of the angle. You must choose the path you want to take for the long term. This is an important choice. Think about what you value. Go back if you must to talk to the priestess, empress, emperor. Or find these people in your own life to give you advice. But when you make a choice. Make a clear choice and stick to it with all your heart.

Above the angel is the sun. Think about how loyal the sun has been all these years. You must find a way to be this loyal to yourself.