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Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. The sign of the ram. This sign is one of the most assertive. It takes charge. Take the lead. Doesn’t take time waiting. They can be bold leaders. Or power hungry tyrants. Like all signs there is much to love and fear. But in the case of Aries the loves and fears are bolder.

Aries is an assertive sign – also known as masculine. This assertive energy pushes into the world. It acts on the world before acted upon. With Aries this is the energy of action. They step into the unknown first. They don’t wait for a path. They make a path. When a threat comes, they step up with courage. This makes for strong leaders. Valiant warriors. But this reckless energy can be bad. Aries can rush off before the facts are known. Some danger could be avoided by the ram. If the ram would learn to listen. Aries needs to learn to accept the wisdom of others. At least enough to listen.

Aries is a cardinal sign. Again this points to active energy. This is opposed to fixed and mutable. This energy is formative. It will change. And it will change the world. Aries is a visionary. Or a dictator. A strong will is a part of who Aries is inside.

Ruling over Aries is the planet Mars. This ancient god of War. But also the ruler of the heart. In a new age we can think of Mars in a new light. The warrior who wages battle is ruled by Mars. Think of Alexander. But today we wage different battles. Those who fight against injustice are also ruled by Mars. An example may be Martin Luther King, Jr. His battle was different. And he didn’t fight with arms. But he had a passion in his heart. He took his passion and he created a new world. These are all traits of Aries. And I think of Mars itself in our world.

The phrase which best sums up Aries is: I am. It knows who it is, and what it is in the world. This gives it great courage. And a strength to follow their own path. But can cause them to disregard others. No person is without weakness.

Opposite of Aries is the sign of Libra. Where Aries pushes, Libra retreats. Where Aries is bold, Libra is pale. These signs can learn much from each other. Aries needs to learn balance from Libra. And can teach Libra not to fear action.

As the ruler of the zodiac Aries is connected with the head. People born under this sign should avoid head injury. One key way to do this is to use their head. To take a moment, breathe and think about their actions. Many problems may be causes be impatience. Reckless energy can be a source of many pains.

Aries is associated with diamonds, the color red, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, thorn-bearing trees and Iron.

Well known Aries people: Maya Angelou, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Cesar Chavez, Bette Davis, Hugh Hefner, Billie Holiday, Thomas Jefferson, Elton John, Eugene McCarthy, Leonard Nimoy, Gloria Steinem, Vincent van Gogh