Daily Archives: April 1, 2016

Been working

And not living. For the last couple weeks I have had only one day off at a time. And it is really draining. I am sure you can see how much I let go. I’ve been tired most of the time. It doesn’t help to not only be working with split days off, but working to close and also having to open. I am sure no one is really thinking about me when they put my schedule together. But there simply are not people at work who are willing and able to do their jobs. So, being someone they can count one means it gets pushed onto me. Yay for me. Anyway, I feel like I should be writing more. I’ve been falling behind in my journal as well. And I haven’t posted to my LiveJournal. Today was a day off and I spent much of it reading a book I have been trying to get through for years. I read it and put it down and have to start all over. I got about 100 pages in today. I also wanted to look into some other jobs. But I didn’t have the time, energy of focus today. I did get to the gym. Yay for me. Okay, goodnight.