Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

The Library

I am in the corner at the library. Outside is the street. The two yellow lines run down the middle. When driving it is easy to think of them as one line. The library is crowded and loud today. There is an event. I saw the hot librarian at the front desk. Her smile was the only sunshine in the room. Back in the corner four guys and me work on computers. Across from me sits an older man. His hair white and combed back. While listening to music on an iPod he does work on an iBook. He wears plastic rimmed glasses with dark frames. The man types slowly. His hands are large and firm. They look like the hands of a worker. They look strong. Large square finger tips landing on the small keys of the laptop. The mouse shrinks under the grasp. He is right-handed. He wears a button up shirt of white and brown stripes. While he focuses on the screen. His hand moves the mouse gently. A woman has returned to sit next to me. Her things have been waiting in her absence. Thin and younger she wears a light brown sweater. It is ideal for the grey weather. On her left hand is a small silver ring. Which hints to her being married. But it is simple. And could just be a ring. She wears black plastic rimmed glasses. Which frame her cute small face. There is a green star tattooed behind her ear. A solid star shaded in with green. Then another on her right wrist. This one is made of thick open lines. A phone in one hand and the mouse in another. She appears to be in her 20s or 30s. Maybe I am trying to imagine her older. She appears to be in her 20s. And focused on her work. A notebook sits between us. Her hair sits in a tight bun on the top of her head. She arches her eyebrows as she surfs the web. On the other side of the room children sing happy birthday. Then clutter about for cake. The young woman is getting together her things. She rises and walks away. But she will be back. Once again her things are waiting for her. She walks smoothly in a long black pencil skirt. Young strong legs under thin fabric. The older man across from me takes to reading People magazine. An older woman has joined us at the other end of the table. With bold white hair flowing down to her shoulders. A thin brown blouse and blue jeans. In the girl’s notebook is a daily plan for yoga. She has the body of someone who does a lot of yoga. But she hasn’t come back yet. Outside the sky remains grey but it hasn’t started to rain. In a short while if it doesn’t rain I will try and take a short hike. I might go on a new trail today. Behind me is a woman with a yellow plastic bat. Wearing a red sweatshirt. She walks the library looking at books. She places the plastic bat in a brown paper bag from Food Front. She wears blue jeans and brown shoes. The young woman has come back with cake from the birthday party. It is for a children’s book author. There is also graham crackers and grapes on her plate. She takes a bite and returns to her computer work. Her delicate fingers pick at the grapes. and white her mouth with a white napkin. She has soft and round lips. The kind movie stars need to pay to achieve. Though her fingers are slim they show strength as she grips the mouse. We all have so many untold stories don’t we. I wonder what the stories are she could share. Across from me the older man with the white hair still sits. The magazine has been put down and he is working on his laptop. Now the crackers give way under her firm grasp. Broke in half they follow the fate of the grapes. Now she looks down at her phone. And you can see she has a small cute nose. The cake remains on her plate. As her fingers go back to work. It is chocolate cake. The icing is white. And there is a filling of strawberry, or raspberry. Now she shifts her focus back to her phone. Outside the breeze blows the trees in a gentle wave. The lose shape of the sweater doesn’t hide her small curves. She texts with one finger in a swiping motion. Now to softly typing on the keyboard. She types with a smooth pace. Fast and sure about her movements. You can hear the sounds of play. On the other side of the library they have eaten too much cake. And now they are full of energy and noise. Next to me the young woman slowly eats her own cake. The sound level in the library is rising fast. With a slow last bite the cake is gone. She licks her round lips and returns to her work. It is harder and harder to focus. Outside a small family walks by the window. Inside the older man has got up from his chair. The woman goes on working. She rests her hand on her chin. Then goes back to rapidly typing on her computer. In the distance I can see the hot librarian. She isn’t wearing as much black today. Her hair hangs lose down past her shoulders. Long dark waves of curls. Her bangs dip almost into her eyes. The young woman has got a call and walked away to talk. Her thin shape moves under the fabric of her skirt. She’s back. Almost as quick as she left. And she hammers out a message to a friend on Facebook. The strong firm taps of the keyboard ring with feeling. Maybe it was a good phone call. The older man across from me is back. We are all sitting her together. And there is no connection. Sometimes the togetherness of public spaces is strange. The young woman takes her phone, her notebook and abandons the library. Over her brown sweater she pops a black one. And adds a grey scarf. Then turns and makes her exit. I shall follow to my own purposes.

Moon for April 12, Tuesday

There is a busy astrology day ahead. Lets start with the moon. It is in Cancer. If you can stay home today. It would be the best idea. But if you go out take a piece of home with you. Take something which will make you feel comfortable. Make a snack at home and take it to work.

Early in the day Mercury sextiles Neptune. Mercury is in Taurus. And Neptune is in Pisces. If you pay attention and listen. Today will bring you insight on people around you. Open your heart. The combination of Mercury and Neptune spark your mind. You are able to see between the words. And find those connections. The energy of Pisces helps tap into a the spirit. Our hearts are likely to feel more open. And the walls between us lower. The energy of Taurus is healing. We may feel like being a bit of a mother today. Being able to understand others is a blessing.

Next Venus trines Mars. They are both in fire signs. And will turn up the level of energy. Venus is in Aries so we may feel like taking charge. If we’ve been on the fence with someone. Maybe a relationship you’ve wanted to take to the next step. Today is the day to make your move. Aries is so restless and bold. While Venus is the planet of relationships. But it is also about our values. Hold close to your values in what you choose to do. And who you choose to be with in your life. Today may be the moment you see how something in your life isn’t supporting your values. And you know it has to end. Endings are just the other side of beginnings. And Mars in Sagittarius. It will fill your head with the loftiest ideas. Many are good. Many are bad. Many will float away into the ether. Focus may be the biggest challenge. Then finding a way to be grounded. And yet open to the storm of new ideas. Showing affection may come easy today.

The moon comes back into play next. It squares Venus. This will put a bit of a check on our social lives. Our heart will slow the impulses which could push us too far, too fast. If we listen to our hearts. But Venus in Aries will be hard to ignore. The Cancer moon will try to talk us into something comfortable. But this also could be a danger. We too often choose the comfort. And at the cost of the growth we need. You need to look at your values today. And understand how you feel about yourself. How you feel about the world. Your emotions may push you to change your values. Or your values could cause a change in emotions. Maybe a bit of both. Our open hearts feel comfortable stepping out. But we feel insecure at the same time. Be honest with yourself.

Neptune plays a role again next. It trines the moon late in the morning. Neptune is in Pisces. And it is bringing dreams. Our hearts are feeling insecure. And we may find it easy to imagine danger. If you watch the news it isn’t hard. If you watch romance movies. It isn’t hard. At a real level we are all one. And there is a lot of sadness in our body. I think this connection makes us feel this sadness. And it makes us feel uneasy. How we understand it is key. How we express it even more important. The value comes in how we react. Or do not react. If we take the time we can imagine beauty in the world as well. And the world needs more beauty. So take the time.

At the end of the day is an aspect with the moon and Mercury. This sextile ends the day on a note of unsure thoughts. Mercury is passing through Taurus. We don’t want to change our minds quickly today. Our minds might find our hearts unstable. But part of this is the mind not paying attention. The heart is changing its tone. But it beats out the same message everyday. It wants love. If we fail to take the time to listen. We feel our hearts are not to be trusted. But take a moment to open your mind to your heart. Remember only love is real. With Mercury in Taurus it is a good time. Our minds are moving at a slower pace. A good time for a big picture to be understood. Our minds want to feel valued. And our hearts want to be understood. Take the time today.