Daily Archives: April 21, 2016

Ace of Swords

A new idea is born. Today we have the Ace of Swords. A new journey begins. One of the mind. But the path is far from easy. In the end it may take us to a place of defeat.

Swords is the zone of the mind. Our intellect and mental framework of the world. It is how we view our place in the world. The thoughts which guide and create our lives. In its pure form this card is about meditation. Take a moment to bring your mind to a point of still thought.

On the card we see one sword. When our minds are focused they are sharp. They can be our greatest weapon. Or they can be our greatest defeat. Aside the sword grows two white roses. When we take the time to create stillness in our mind. We can achieve a purity of thought and action. We think our thoughts are outside our control. And we control our actions. But we direct our thoughts. And our thoughts direct our actions. Be careful what you think.

It is this warning which makes meditation so important. Our minds can be our servants. They were given to us to serve our interests. But they can also run lose like monkeys and drive us crazy. We need to control our own minds. If we don’t something else will. And without focus our mind creates chaos. Because the mind can only create what is knows.

When your mind knows peace. It will create peace. When your mind knows love, it will create love. Feed your mind on the things of love and peace. And your thoughts will be of love and peace. If you feed it on the things of hate and fear. Your thoughts will be of hate and fear. You can dream of love, or you can dream about illusion.

This card is telling you about a new idea in your life. It is too soon to tell if the idea is good or bad. Take the idea in hand and play with it. Like a new sword. Test the strength and flexibility of the idea. But do not own it yet. It is too young and unformed. Wait for the idea to develop. Watch and see as it changes. And take the time to meditate on the new idea and what it means for your life. Does this idea serve to bring more love into your life. Or does it serve to bring you more hate and fear.

If an idea is grounded in truth, then it must be grounded in love. Because anything other than love is a lie.

If you have not encountered the new idea. Chances are you will soon. It is at the point of newness when being still can be the hardest. But it is also the most important. Still your mind, act from a place of stillness in yourself. Do not react to the world. Do not be pushed into a mistake just because it is exciting. Every idea is new at some point in the world. And this idea may be new to you. But it doesn’t make it a good idea.

I can’t say enough how important meditation is at this point. The sword in the photo is the mind. And like the sword in the photo when our minds are still. Then our minds are ready for action. They are ┬ánot tired, or distracted or unavailable. Rest your sword, still your mind. Because if this new idea may just need your complete focus. This could be a life changing moment. An idea which could change the world.

And a final note is even the right ideas can end in defeat. We may put too much of ourselves into these ideas. Or we may invest too little. Some hold on to an idea long past its usefulness. The last card in the suit of swords is the ten of swords. And in this card we find ourselves defeated by our own minds. Today is the point where we make choices to avoid this end. Or we make choices which ensure our defeat. It isn’t just about the right idea, but the right time and the right effort.

The true swordsman doesn’t carry a sword is an old saying. Take up an idea which serves you. And put it down when it serves you no longer. Known when you need the next idea, it will be ready. But if your hands are full of ideas from the past. You will not be ready.

This isn’t meant to be a photo blog

But I know it has turned into one in the last couple weeks. On the one hand it is great to be getting out in the fresh air. And I love to be sharing my photos with as many people as I can. So, the problem isn’t too many photos. The problem has been too little writing.

Right now it is 3 a.m. – again. Yeah, there is a 3 a.m. in every day. And more and more I seem to be looking at the clock at 3 a.m. and thinking about going to bed. But also thinking about wanting to write in this blog. When I am not out hiking, working, at the gym or trying to catch up with some basic record keeping. I would like to be writing. But life has a way of pushing our plans to the side doesn’t it. And so I don’t write. I think, tomorrow, tomorrow. But the magical tomorrow hasn’t come yet. Has it come for you?

This morning I forgot to write in my paper journal. So I will do it before I go to bed and maybe write again in the morning. Waking up late in the day this morning, I wanted to get started. I knew what my plans were, and I knew I would need time. So out before I could think. Maybe like other people I know I just need to think about what I am doing more. Think about how I spend my time.

Consider this an attempt on my part of refocusing. I won’t be hiking for a couple days because of work. And my plan is, tomorrow, yes tomorrow, to write something good here. But I do need sleep right now.

I think about the river differently

When I view the river from up here,
I think about the river differently.
It isn’t the tame servant I see in town.
There is a wild heart in its depths.
Man tries to tame its flow.
But there is a secret only the river knows.
The river has been around a long time.
From a time before the red man came,
and before the white man came.
Longer than the mountains it has pushed aside.
And longer than the valleys where men live.
The very valleys the river shaped.
Those valley’s are full soil, on which men live.
And this soil was brought by the river.
Today men place their damns across the river.
But nature tried to damn the river thousands of years ago.
And the river pushed aside all.
Just like in time the river will push aside man.
The mountains were defeated.
A wild voice is waiting in the heart of the river.
Because it knows when the red men are gone,
and when the white men are gone.
One day all men will be gone.
And the river will remain.
Wild and free as the day it was born.