Daily Archives: April 23, 2016


Earth Day is one of the first days of Taurus. And there couldn’t be a better sign. The primal earth element. Taurus is the mother. The bull. The Earth.

It is easy to suggest it is every thing Aries is not. It comes across as being more passive. Some see it as a weak sign. Not the sign of a leader. I don’t believe in weak signs. Or in signs which can be leaders and signs which cannot. Taurus nature is different than Aries. But can be just as strong and powerful. Aries loses a lot of energy rushing about. Taurus is stable.

It is a passive sign – also known as feminine. An energy which is shaped more by the world. They don’t go to the party. But will wait for the party to come to them. If you sit in one place long enough, the whole world will walk past you. I am sure a Taurus said these words. They are not reckless. And probably won’t step into the void. But their actions are also more sure. And more aware.

Taurus is a fixed sign. As opposed to the energy of movement in Aries. This energy doesn’t change. This can mean loyal focus. Maybe Taurus children make choices slowly. But this allows them to stick with their choices longer. Imagine the bull under the tree. It takes a lot to stir the bull into action. But once moved it can charge at full speed. It is focused and energized.

Ruling over Taurus is Venus. This planet also rules over Libra. Here the planet brings a desire for comfort. Venus is a social planet. And Taurus can be a deeply social sign. If you are willing to meet them on their terms. In a comfortable environment they can be the joy of the party. But they would rather be at home. Invite them over for dinner. They love good food. But leave them home when you go to the club. As the ruler of beauty they often are attractive. And have an eye for beauty. Many will find it easy to be creative in the visual arts.

They are best summed up with the phrase, “I have.” Some may be very materialistic. But all take comfort from their possessions. As careful shoppers they have chosen each item. There is a value because it has been picked. They search for items of beauty. Things to give them comfort. What they own can be a healthy expression of who the are as people. But, for some they define who they are by what they buy.

Opposite of Taurus is Scorpio. A deep emotional sign. One which has as much passion as Taurus has calm. Taurus can learn the value of emotion. They can often get stuck in their body. This keeps them from their heart. But the bull has lessons to teach. It can teach grace and stability.

The part of the body ruled by Taurus is the throat. Many have great voices. And their necks are a sensitive spot. But they need to be careful of colds.

Well known Tauruses are: Fred Astaire, Irving Berlin, Cher, Bing Cosby, Henry Fonda, Sigmund Freud, William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Heller, Audrey Hepburn, Karl Marx, Shirley Temple, William Shakespear, Eva Peron.