Moon for March 20

Today the moon is in Virgo. The stable sign. It is a grounded day. Time to think about service to others. Take a moment to learn something new. But, something practical. You may feel the need to be of service to others. What you aren’t feeling today is your emotions. This is an earthy sign. And it stills the waters. Early in the morning a creative energy grows. This is the result of Venus and Neptune. If you are creative you may feel the energy flow. If not you may follow the energy into excess. You may have a taste for luxury and escape. But you can choose the creative path. There is still a bit of imagination in all of us. Venus and Neptune align in Pisces. A sign well know for being dreamy. But also for addictive habits. Tonight there is a square with the moon and Mars. Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius. If we took the creative path we step aside. The moody energy passes us. But those on the other path may find problems. Some of which may be health related. The sage is trying to pull us out of our dreams. Every dreamer must also create to be whole. Remember only love is real.

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