Moon for April 4, Monday

Today the moon is in Pisces. The sign of the fish. This last sign of the zodiac is the most connected to the next world. And we may feel deeper as the moon moves through this sign. It is a Monday. But it should be an easy day. Pisces will smooth the edges, calm us. In the afternoon the moon squares Mars. We feel an impulse against our core. This is always a hard question. Are we resistant to change. Or is there a real warning of which we should be aware. Take a moment to feel what is right. If you calm yourself and breathe. The path will become clearer. But Mars in Sagittarius won’t make it easy. Next Neptune lines up with the moon. This pulls us deeper into our inner space. A space where we are at once more connected, and yet more aware of ourselves. Neptune also in Pisces will call on us to dream. And it may be an impulse to follow a dream which catches us off-guard. Following our dreams is why we are here. But it takes wisdom to know when the moment is right. Late in the day Jupiter will oppose the moon. It is in the sign of the ever practical Virgo. This is where we plan how to reach our dream. We don’t dash out without our shoes. We lace up, we prepare, we step forth boldly. A failure to plan can be a sign of fear as much as over planning. Either it can be a form of self-sabotage. Or we could be expecting failure, so don’t plan for success. Dream and plan today. Tomorrow planets are moving around.

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