Moon for April 8, Friday

It is Friday and the moon is in Taurus. The moon in Taurus seems comfort. While some may view the sign of Taurus as being lazy. The truth is much deeper. The bull has a deep awareness. She knows when to take action and when to rest. Our emotions will likely get a much needed rest today. This is a day for sitting under a tree. And don’t under-estimate the value of sitting under a tree. It worked for the Buddha. In this space we may feel our hearts open. The truth is only love is real. And it is always with us. But sometimes we need to slow down to see the truth. And you may feel determined today. But don’t get stuck in your own vision. There are other trees in the field. Other bulls view the same world differently. In the morning the moon in conjunct Mercury. I am learning more about this aspect. It is like an opposition. But the energy is inside. We face a crisis with these two planets. They are both restless. Taurus calms them to a degree. But Mercury seeks security in ideas. While the moon finds it in emotions. We can overthink our emotions. But we can also get washed away in feeling. Conflict may be the end result in each case. If a different view is seen as a threat. If you find the value of feelings and ideas you are on the right path. In the afternoon we have a sextile with Neptune. This deep planet is in Pisces. Like Taurus it sees a deeper truth. Today we may be seeking a meaning. A deep value to life. If we listen to others and share with an open heart we will be rewarded. But insisting on our own views will cause problems. You may feel creative today. Listen to your heart. It will be sensitive if you are open. But some may feel this as a sign of weakness. At last the moon trines Jupiter. This giant is in Virgo. This is where you come together with others. You share and learn, and want to teach. There may be a path towards teaching for you today. The trine creates optimism. And confidence you will need.

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