Another day at the library. The trees outside are still in the air. Only a slight breeze to stir the calm. People walk by the window in their own rush. Coming and going and not finding the calm of the trees. The sky isn’t blue, but a grey. The color sits between white and grey actually. The day feel calm. Like a slow breath moves through the air. Inward and outward in a gentle flow. The sun basks on the white building across the corner. The paint is pale and cracking. It wrinkles as it ages. Dark windows allow light in. But beyond is a dark space. There are three trees next to the library. They have large green leaves. Thin limbs emerge from a trunk of white and ash grey. One can imagine the leaves are breathing. As the float softy on the wind. Maybe they are dancing or playing a game. We think of trees as not moving. But they move all the time. They move about in the wind, lay in the sun. There is no reason to believe they don’t feel. The cool of the breeze. The warm of the sun. The freshness of the air. The leaves dance more in the wind. Cars slip by in traffic under their limbs. The people unaware of the beauty around them. Further away a tall tree sways dramatically. Its many tall branches reach for the sky.
And there she is the angel of the library. Her flowing grey sweater. Lose from her shoulders and blowing behind. She strolls through the room. And the whole room is stirred. I may never find my calm when her beauty is near. But where has she gone now. Her thin legs carry her in black tights. With a stack of DVDs she sits at the desk to work. Her hair is straighter today. But her bangs still hang over her forehead. In the cute Carly Rae Jepsen Style. And now she sits at the desk, behind the monitor. The large black square blocking my view. I can see her arms. And a grey shirt under her sweater. She is like a dream. She wraps a thick grey scarf around her neck. If only there were no monitor. If only there were no library. Just me and her at a fine dinner. But I can only dream about women like her. Such simple beauty. Such calm poise. Could I even look at a plate of food with her across the table. She walks firmly with hands at her sides. She has on cute brown leather shoes. But she is back at her desk behind the screen. Her hair is a brown curtain hiding her pretty neck. A young boy asks her for help.

Outside the trees are calm again. There is no one else at the table. A woman walks past. A man browses CDs. While another man asks for help finding a book. She is standing now, her arms are strong. A small black bracelet on one wrist. Her dark eyes and plastic rimmed glasses are full of beauty. She is walking around helping patrons. Her voice is so sexy. It is hard to find the right words. She is helping an older man. Her slim fingers dance on the keyboard. She has a ring on her right hand today. She flips her hair as she goes back to her focus.

The library is quiet today. A blonde woman looks at books. A thin creme colored sweater over her shoulders. She walks around and to another part of the library. The young male librarian is here now. The woman in the creme sweater walks with a book discovery. The hot librarian takes a note of a slip of scratch paper. And the sun shines on the white wall outside. These are all the moments of life. Pieces of color in our world. Getting up she struts to the front desk. There is a perfection in her every move. Every moment is perfect if you understand it right. The moment she walks back to push chairs under the table is perfect. The moment the man picks a DVD to examine from the shelf. Now she makes the shelves tidy. And straightens out the children’s table. Her lose grey sweater has large short sleeves. They hang open just above her sharp elbow. The muscles in her forearm can be seen as she moves.

Outside there is a calm stir. The woman in creme reads next to the window. The words “Good” and “Cheap” can be read on the cover of what she reads. A larger woman with short dark hair crosses in front of the window. An older woman with black capris walks by inside. The librarian is at the desk on her computer. ANd the sun shines on the white wall outside.

A man in a shirt shirt examines DVDs. He looks at their covers with a lens. Holding the DVD in one firm hand. With the lens close to his eye in the other. He wears a bight red T-shirt and blue jeans.Resting on top of his head are sunglasses. They rest on his light brown hair. He would appear to be in his 50s. At the help desk the librarian helps him check out his books. Her slightly plump pretty lips forming a smile. And then a bigger smile showing her white teeth. She talks with her hands to the other librarian. The younger man. He is taking over the desk and she is off to some other region.

A woman in tight dark blue jeans walks past. She sits at the table next to a child. Her hair is braided back neatly. She holds a book in one hand and a cellphone in the other. She wears brown leather boots. She is young, but she is also a mother. Her daughter sits at the children’s table. Sitting down she thumbs her phone. And then picks up the book to read. She wears a brown blouse, with an sleek neckline. The sleeves are cut just below her elbow. Now she goes to the bathroom with her daughter, while her son continues to use a tablet at the table.

There is no one at the help desk. The two monitors sit un-used.

The woman in the creme sweater sits at the table. She has thin pretty arms. The sleeves of her sweater flow to her mid-forearm. A sliver ring is on her middle finger of her left hand. She reads a book with an orange cover. The young librarian helps a woman at the help desk. The librarian is wearing a bold blue dress shirt. And he has gone to straighten DVDs on the shelf.

The blonde woman still sits across from me. She rests her hand next to her face. Absorbed in the book she turns the pages. It rests in one hand. Her fingers rest is a lose fist waiting to turn the page. Her bangs have a curl, and they slip over her face. Thin eyebrows match the color of her hair. Here eyes are focused.

A man sits down to vote. His phone in one hand he ready the ballot. He has dark and short curly hair. He checks out the blonde. Then puts down his phone and blows his nose. The blonde woman puts the book on the table. She leans the side of her face into her right hand. Her finger nails are neat, but not long or showy. She has a simple beauty. The man is still trying to vote. He has his phone in hand. And now the woman takes out her phone. It has a blue plastic case. The man hasn’t made any choices yet. Is he doing research on his phone. A pen lingers in on hand.

The blonde goes on reading her book. She looks up with her pale blue eyes. The back to her book. The man has started voting. Still holding his phone. He wears thin wire frame glasses. They are dark like the stubble on his face. His light T-Shirt is a maroon color. He is focused on his phone. Another man next to me sits down to vote. He lays out the ballot out on the table and pulls a pen from his bag. The woman reads her book. And the sun shines on the wall outside. But a shadow is creeping up the wall now.

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