Migrant crisis: Refugees trudge through Hungary – CNN.com

Hundreds of refugees from the Middle East made the final leg of their trip through Hungary on foot, walking the 4 kilometers to the Austrian border

Source: Migrant crisis: Refugees trudge through Hungary – CNN.com

I got an idea. It may be the only humane and fair way to handle this crisis. Find a relatively un-populated island near Greece. Put together a fund with money from the EU and member countries. Build a large facility to temporarily house and process the migrants. All migrants should then be encouraged to go to this camp. Or be taken to the camp. And countries could send ships to collect the migrants and bring them to their countries.

Yes, I doubt it would work. But right now a huge burden is being taken on by a few countries in Eastern Europe. Countries which lack the resources to really handle the problem. Some of them are putting up fences. I understand why countries would feel the need to protect themselves from the flood of people. But in the end these people will continue to arrive. The best solution is to intercept the migrants before they arrive in Europe.

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