A different form

There is a warm sun,
Today is glorious,
and I am happy to be alive.

Even having to work,
feels bearable.
I spoke with an old friend
for a few moments.

I am growing restless at work,
more and more,
but I want to be smart.
Make the right choice.

Past choices have been choices,
Just to be choices,
to be change.
The change wasn’t always better.

I am learning at Walmart,
and growing.
So my job isn’t everything,
but it is something.

The experience I am gaining,
and skill and knowledge
could be important in the future.
And the future could be around the corner.

I choose to focus on my growth.
The universe knows I want something better,
and I deserve something better.
But I don’t always know.

Maybe the restless energy
is the universe trying to awaken me.

(This was a project from Room to Write to re-write something previously written in a different format. I re-wrote this: http://princedanterose.livejournal.com/659131.html)

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