Nine of Cups

As a cups card, this speaks to an emotional place. It speaks to a spiritual place. The person in this card is happy. It represents a point of completion. The suit of cups took us on an emotional trip. Through the loss of the 5 of cups. And the dreams and desires of the 7 of cups.

The card before this was the eight of cups. In the eight of cups we turned away from the illusions. The emotional and spiritual lies of need. And as a result in the nine of cups we find joy.

But this is a different type of happiness. We are less attached to it than before. We are learning to experience it and release it. Nines are powerful cards in the tarot.

The Hermit is nine. The one who has gained wisdom and learned to share. In the nine of swords we see someone learning to release their past. The nine of cups is about letting your happiness go.

The next card is the 10 of cups. Which is nirvana. It is the total bliss we have been seeking. We may have not known it was what we hungered for all along.

But we aren’t there yet. In the nine the person is alone. In the 10 we share the happiness. We are taking important steps on the journey of love. But true love is only love when it is shared.

In nine we are experiencing this love inside ourselves. And this is an important step. After turning away from the illusions in eight. We see the source of love has always been inside of us. And knowing this is the source, allows us to give with abundance.

But first we must learn to give to ourselves. This card can be someone who got stuck. They have learned love. And they have learned it’s source. But they haven’t learned to share. They still believe they can hold love. They are acting like a child. And the nine of cups calls them to be open.

We are not single drops of rain in storm. We are drops of the ocean of bliss. And the small happiness we can experience as drops of rain. It is vastly overwhelmed by the ocean of bliss. We are all one. And the nine of cups is reminding us to be open.

The hermit has gone out alone. But a true hermit still knows they are one with all. They are on an inward journey. A different path with its own wisdom. And without the light of sharing the wisdom, it is useless.

Love is for sharing. It can’t be said enough. Yes, self love is important. But it is only a step on the path. You can see the person on the card is happy.

We strive too often for happiness in the world. Like the seven of cups. But the happiness we seek, is the love we seek. And we already have the love we seek.

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