Page of Cups

The Page of Cups.

Pages are young people in the tarot. They represent a young energy. One just taking shape. One like we are in youth, forming.

The suit of cups is about emotions. So a new emotional energy is forming. A new love. But it is also about imagination. All the energy of water is expressed in cups.

On the card we see red tulips behind the figure. The meaning of tulips is a perfect love. But it doesn’t have to be a romantic love. It could be a pure passion, for art.

The page’s are coming along to teach us something new. This one is here to teach us about love. Teach us to believe in a new passion. Or maybe it is an old passion. But one with a new focus and energy.

It could be a new lover. Or it could be a rekindling of an old flame. A new passion. Or a rediscovery of a passion we had as youth. There is a deep beauty we are all given at birth. And this card is this beauty sprouting into our lives fresh.

The court cards are different from the rest of the cards. Sometimes they represent ideas, and sometimes they can be people.

The figure in the card is looking at a fish emerging from a cup. We know cups represent a spiritual and emotional state. The fish coming out of the cup is leaving its element. Our passions are useless locked up inside. We need to allow them to sprout forth into the world. The beauty of Monet would be useless if he never painted.

If there is a new love in your life, believe in this love. If you are exploring a new passion. You need to believe in it and allow it to grow. If you are unsure, seek out what is new. A new passion. A new love. A hobby which has become meaningful

Follow your heart because it knows the way. Think about the way children express their passion. Think about the energy they put into their play. Take them as a bit of example. The person in this card is one of those youth. And it has come to give you hope.

As children of the universe we have so much potential. And we each have a divine spark. A role to play as individual and unique as each other. If this card has found you, your passion is near you. A love is close at hand.

Listen to your heart, it knows the way.

The next card in the deck is the knight of cups. As our passion grows inside us so does a need to fight for love. Not to fight with guns and knives. But to commit to putting our energy and heart into our dream. The enemy isn’t inside of others. And it isn’t hate. The bigger enemy is laziness and lack of faith. We fight the battle by believing in ourselves.

But first comes the Page of Cups. We need to still ourselves to hear the message. Our heart will guide us but not in a loud voice. It is the still soft voice of our creator.

Believe in your heart, in knows the way.

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