Baby Girl’s Life

All I want is to be on his lap. To be close to my human.

He sits there on the computer. And I want to be close to him. Near him. Have him pet me. I get up and go to the door for attention. But it doesn’t work.

Maybe I should get up and get some food. He has been feeding my great food lately. He loves me right?

But why won’t he just let me be close to him. All day long I sit in this room alone. There is nothing in here. I nap and dream of him.

And he gets home and pets me for a moment. Then he does his own thing.

I’ll sit near him. As near as I can. I’ll put my paws on his leg. And kneed his fur. Isn’t this how I should express love.

He feeds me good food. Gives me water. And makes sure I don’t have bugs. But my favorite thing is sleeping next to him at night. We keep each other warm.

I think I help him to sleep better.

But sometimes he is restless. Tosses and turns and I have to sleep away from him. It makes me sad.

Right now I am grooming myself. Just sitting next to him. Feeling him next to me. It makes me happy.

I can smell him on his stuff. Even after he cleans off my hair. I have been shedding less since he gave me good food. And it is nice not scratching for bugs.

There was a time when I lived with a woman. She was nice to me. But I had to live with other cats. It was good to go outside. Sometimes I want to see more, to get outside the room. He never lets me out. But a lady outside will open the door if I meow.

I like her. She is sweet and friendly. Of course she isn’t my adult. She pets me and I like it.

It is a good thing I like napping. Because there isn’t much else to do in this room. I had a toy which chirped like a bird. But I haven’t seen it in a while. I wonder if the dog took it. Oh yeah, the dog.

Well there are two of them now. One is a bit of a pain in the ass. The way dogs are known to be. He has gone at me a couple times, but I can show him who’s boss with my sharp claws. The other dog is new, he doesn’t seem like a punk. He leaves me alone when I see him. And that is the most you can ask for with a dog.

I guess I miss my cat friends sometimes. But I like it here with him. He calls me Baby Girl. There was a lady I lived with a long time ago, she called me Baby Girl. But I don’t know him name.

I wish he would go to bed soon, so I could cuddle next to him.

(Room to Write exercise)

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