The Hermit

The Hermit goes deep. Goes it alone. And goes the furthest. But never goes alone. Wisdom and knowledge is the gold of The Hermit. But a gold shared freely.

Nine is the last number before 10. It is almost complete. But not yet. In some ways this makes it the most human number. We are so close to God. All we have to do is see ourselves correctly. But we don’t. We feel incomplete and this makes us incomplete.

In the Bible is a story of Methuselah. He walked with God. Until one day he didn’t come back. This is The Hermit.

Not all of us can be The Hermit. And not all of us should be this lone character. But we all gain. The Hermit stands at a turn in the road. Having been down the path, he knows the path. He stands with a light. Sharing wisdom with those who come after. But The Hermit is a calm voice. And many rush down the path so fast. They don’t see the light. Or hear the call of warning. They face dangers which could have been avoided.

Going alone isn’t easy. People imagine The Hermit is different. Disconnected from the rest of us. But the only difference is their strength.They can go out and still be with us. No one is alone. They are the deepest connected beings. Not just with God, but with us. It is this connection which allows them to be guides. They know the dangers on the path. And they know our hearts. And the dangers there as well.

On the card we see an old man. The face is turned from us. But we see a nose and a long beard. The beard of a sage. The figure is hooded and wears a cloak. In hand is a lamp. Not held close. But extended to cast light for another. If you are The Hermit then remember your light is for the world. If you are not, then trust the source of the light is God.

This card ends the first cycle of ten cards in the tarot. In the next card, number 10, we see ourselves. For the first time in the journey. The Wheel of Fortune. If we take the sage advice, we can carry our own light. It will take us through the turns of fate. Because “this too shall pass.”

In the card before we saw Strength. It is a struggle within ourselves where we become strong. This is what enables The Hermit to go into the darkness on the trail. And enables The Hermit to be a light. If we are still ruled by our ego. We cannot be alone. We cannot be the light others need. If we cling to our ego, we will not listen to the guides voice. We will not stop for his light. And we will fall.

This card could represent you. Are you entering a stage of solitude. Where you explore your own darkness. Like Carl Jung’s Dark Night of the Soul. Maybe you are going to be sharing your wisdom with someone. We all have life wisdom. Because we have all had rough lives. Not even the most rich and most blessed have been safe from pain. Or safe from suffering. We all have wounds.

Or it could be someone entering your life to assist you. There may be a guide along your path soon. If you feel lost, have hope. Help is on the way. A light we guide you, and teach you. But remember the source of the light is God. It is never you. And it is meant for others. Take the light. Hold the light. But always share the light.

In the end we are all a bit of The Hermit. And a bit of the lost soul. Trust yourself to know when to give wisdom. But also when to accept.

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