Moon for Jan. 29

There is a lot going on today. The moon remains in Libra. This will help us keep balance. And give us perspective. Turn to friends today. Don’t go it alone. Early in the day the moon trines the sun. This puts us in a place where we feel connected to our emotions. Two parts of ourselves. Which are often at odds work together. Our emotions can make us stronger. Or they can make us weaker. In large part it depends on our comfort with our emotions. Next the moon sextiles Saturn. Limits are our friends today. We feel the need to say no. And if we do it will do us good. Knowing our limits makes us stronger. In the afternoon Mercury squares the moon. Emotionally we question our ideas. Our mind is doubting our hearts. We could choose to listen to either. But the best is take the Libra energy and listen to both. A square soon follows of Pluto and the moon. Deep doubts surface. Pluto is a powerful planet. With a sexual energy. This brings a focus to these bonds. Do we trust our partners. Or those we wish were partners. Our doubts will only grow. When Uranus opposes the moon. We begin to feel different. But in a bad way. We question why others may be lucky. And why are not. We feel alone emotionally. And this makes us doubt ourselves. Remember the moment in the sun this morning. Because doubts grow as the day passes. At the end of the day Mercury aligns with Pluto. We begin to move out of our emotions. Our heart could lose to our heads. Mental energy becomes stronger. Emotions weaker. We need a friend more than ever.

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