Am I a writer or not?

Word Press has a feature called, “Distraction-Free Writing Mode,” Sorry, Word Press the distractions to my writing do not come from your site. But thank you for the thought.

Am I a writer or not. I haven’t written in so long. And every time I write those words I feel like this is the time I will start to write. I moved and I now have internet, I have been here a couple of days and I haven’t done any writing. But I have been moving things, and unpacking.

I struggle to write. I struggle about what to write, where to write, when to write, how to write, and most of all I struggle with what to write or write about. What can I write about that other people will find important enough to read. Ok, there is a purpose of writing for oneself, but that isn’t what a writer does – that is something else. I tried blogging about celebs, and it was fun. I may start another celeb blog.  I like the thought of blogging about news, and I may try that as well. I have the space here to host a number of blogs and see where they go.

Right now as I am writing this, with the Speed of the Sound of Loneliness playing in YouTube in the background, my plans are still coming together in my mind. When can I write, how often can I write. I need to set goals. I got a book at the bookstore – “Do It Now: Daily Action Plan for Guaranteed Success.” Wow, I need a book like that I said. I opened when I got home, and it was empty. It is a book of empty To-Do lists and contact information. But, it is perfect, and it is true.Oh, it was cheap.

I think this is going to be my writing blog. The process of writing, and how I come to terms with who I am as a writer. What my voice is, the topic I enjoy covering the most and my attempts to gain a career based on those talents and passions.

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