Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is not an easy card. We are holding ourselves back. We stand guard. But there is no threat. There can be only love. Only love is real. The unreal can never be a threat.

We have carried many wounds. A lifetime of guilt. And shame. It is time to let it go. The suit of wands descends towards doom. Wands represent fire. They are energy. Here the energy is turned against ourselves. We almost completely believe our failure. In the next card we do. And we are overwhelmed. But there is a gap.

We stand in the gap. We are the jail keeper. And the prisoner. The moment we let the past go. Is the moment we let ourselves go. There is a lot of past energy in nines. We create the same world today. As the world we created yesterday. But we can create a different world. We just need to believe.

In the card before this we had the eight of wands. A card of rapid moving energy. Maybe we now feel we moved to fast in the past. Or we let something go by us. We feel stuck in an eternal moment of loss. We do not see the truth. The truth is love.

When you think about yourself. Think about love. Love yourself. Let it all go, everything but love.

The nine of swords is a card of deep regret. Our minds can’t rest. This restless energy is present here too. Our souls can’t rest. In the nine of pentacles we have wealth. The material gains from past investments.

There is a loneliness to these cards. We face our depression alone. We face the troubles of our hearts alone. Or more importantly, we feel alone. But you can never be alone in a world where all is one.

The nine of wands is telling you to come down. You don’t have to be the knight in shinning armor. You don’t have to be the hero. There is something in your life making you anxious. Let it go. It is beyond your control. The hardest thing isn’t always to hold on. But sometimes to let go. Or to know when to let go.

Don’t fight the battle alone anymore. Open your heart. Stop standing in the doorway. Let someone else into your heart. It is you. And only you blocking the way. You and only you make the choice to be alone.

The figure in the nine of cups is alone. The figure in the nine of pentacles is alone. Some may see the glamour in both these cards. But the loss in them is their isolation. No happiness is complete alone.

If you are seeing this card, there is time. Whatever is causing you stress. Or anxiety. Take a moment to question. Is it worth the pain. The loss. Being alone. It probably isn’t.

Remember only love is real.

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