Moon for Feb. 26

There is a lot to cover for Friday. The moon first squares Pluto. This could bring mood swings. We feel a lack of flow today. There is a desire to express something deep. But it isn’t easy. And today it could be even harder. Take the time to think. To explore what you feel. Plan what you want to say. Tomorrow the moon will enter Scorpio. A sign which thrives on secrets. The next aspect is a trine with Mercury and the moon. This gives some common sense. We talk freely with those around us. The moon in Libra adds to our social feelings. And for some this will make it hard to not try to express deeper feelings. But today is not the day. This becomes more clear as Uranus opposes the moon. We become unmoored. Emotions could be changing fast. But mostly on the surface. Those who take their time will feel what is true. Those who don’t may get lost. And mislead others. The last aspect is with Uranus and Mercury. They form a sextile in the afternoon. Our minds are racing, If we can get down some of the ideas on paper we can come back to them. But don’t try to hold them too long today.

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