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Moon for April 30

Good morning Saturday. We wake to the moon in Aquarius. This sign is known for being odd. It stands alone. Ruled by the only planet which rolls in it orbit. The best place for you today may be by yourself. Understand you are unique. And your needs are not the same as others. Respect this and find your own happy today.

Early the moon is sextile Saturn. The moon is in the fixed sign of Aquarius. Saturn brings a fire energy. It is in Sagittarius. This mixes with air to create a hot passion. Stand your ground in who you are today. When you find what makes your heart sing. Hold on to it good. Saturn’s the planet of laws. But in this case the laws may be yours to write. Set a rule for yourself: “I don’t give up on myself.” And don’t break this rule. There is a responsibility in this choice. Take it serious.

In the afternoon the moon sextiles Uranus. The odd-ball ruler of Aquarius. This boosts the planet and the moon’s energy. Uranus is also in a fire sign: Aries. This sign is going to charge us up for a fight. And we may be ready for many foes. But the biggest foe is the one we are to ourselves. When we fail to believe in ourselves. Aries takes up many charges, but it needs Aquarius today. Because the odd-ball sign believes in itself. Uranus will urge you towards freedom. And push you to break the mold.

Late in the day is a square with Mercury and the moon. Our minds are on a different page today. And this slows our emotions. As our emotions slow our thoughts. Mercury in the sign of Taurus wants to take its time for everything. This makes us slow to make up our minds. We want to examine the issue. This is in contrast to the hype from the morning. All the fire energy has us wound up. And at the end of the day we find our calm in this aspect. Don’t make snap moves this morning. Wait until the dust settles.

Happy Birthday Kirsten Dunst.

Moon for April 29

Friday is an active day. The moon moves into Aquarius early. This is the sign of being you. Those with this as a birth sign stand out. And today you may feel the need to be you. To fill some role or do some thing which only you can. Fill your dharma today. Do it every day. But today it will be easier to see and easier to focus on. So step out and be brave.

Venus in Aries is squaring the moon. This early aspect spells trouble. There is an energy which pushes you forward. There isn’t enough time to be yourself. While these two planets are not opposed. They are not in agreement. The moon urges you to stand out by being away from the crowd. But Venus in Aries urges us to lead the crowd. Too often the leader of the crowd, does so at the cost of their own path. They just run to stay ahead of the pack. They don’t channel its energy or direction.

In the afternoon there is a sextile with Mars. This easy aspect hit the sign in Sagittarius. The fire sign of the wise man. The grand idea. Mars is going to feel restless. And it may make you restless. There are so many ideas on which way to go. Sagittarius has a supply of arrows. And if we are not careful we waste time and energy on ones which never land. Today we need focus. This aspect makes movement each. But it makes focus hard.

Venus is moving into Taurus next. This moves the planet into its home sign. The planet Venus is ruler of Taurus. As such it is both comfortable and powerful. Our values are becoming more solid. We are stepping away from the phase of high energy. We are moving into finding a lasting value. A stable value which doesn’t change from day to day. The trap in this is holding on to something long after its value has gone. We imagine what had value to us at one point always will. But this is not the case.

Finally the moon and sun square. We are not complete today. And we feel a dis-junction between our inner world and outer world. The sun is in Taurus still. The fixed earth sign. While the moon is in the fixed air sign. These two can work together. The sign of Aquarius offers the ideas. And the sign of Taurus the strength. But they can work to hold each other back. When Taurus doesn’t trust the ideas. And Aquarius doesn’t trust the will of the bull. Find a way to bring these two together today. Then you will be on the right road.

Today is Rod McKuen’s Birthday.

Moon for Sunday, April 3

The last day of the Aquarius moon. Late in the day is a short void of course period. There is little activity with the moon today. As the moon moves into Pisces we feel more. We are moving out of our minds. And into something beyond our mind. This is a space we access with out heart. But not our heart alone. It is a space of awareness. This means we need our head as well. Having our head clear will keep us grounded. A sextile early in the day with the moon and Uranus Gets our hearts racing. We find something new in our lives maybe. Or something old we see in a new light. Uranus is in Aries. Which rules the head. This keeps us from falling completely. But it can also hold us back from the full experience. Later the moon sextiles Mercury. The small planet sticks close to the sun. And is in the sign Aries. Our minds are with our hearts today. Take a moment to think about your emotional needs. Give it space in your head. But this helps us keep our minds aware. We balance our emotions with our thoughts. Air is the symbol of the mind. Air gives us a distance and perspective. But this distance can keep us from being in our hearts. Water is the element for emotion. It nourishes us. But it can also wash us away. We can sink into our emotions.

Moon for April 2

The moon continues in Aquarius. This air sign brings us into our head today. But it also puts us on a unique path. The fixed sign is ruled by Uranus. Sometimes we get too focused on our own ideas. We try so hard to stand out. But we need to listen to others. Think about unique ways of connecting with others today. One symbol of this sign is the water bearer. How can we best share of ourselves. In the morning the moon will sextile Mars. The red planet brings passion. It rules the heart. We can become too passionate at times. And in our passion lose focus of others. We all have our life mission. And our life lessons. But the biggest for all of us is love. Only love is real. To love we need others. To listen to and understand others. Mars is in Sagittarius. The sign of the philosopher. It won’t be easy to stay grounded today. Ground yourself in love. In the evening the moon sextiles the sun. The sun in Aries brings abundant energy. A passion for life. Our hearts feel rich and alive. Today is a day to tap deep into our passions. To take a look at our emotional needs. At the end of the day Saturn and the moon sextile. Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius. The right ideas can be a foundation. But, we need to set them down on the ground first. The arrow of Sagittarius is all the ideas which never came down. The great ideas which just floated off into another space. Shoot for the stars, but live in the Earth.

Moon for April Fool’s Day

Today is April Fool’s Day. You will all receive wealth. If you are not in love. You will fall in love. All your dreams will come true. Ohh, sorry – April Fool’s. If only life could be so easy. The moon is void of course much of the day. A good day to play tricks on friends. Chances are there will not be lasting results. The moon today is in Aquarius. This is a great sign for April Fool’s Day. It thinks outside the box. So it seeds ideas for pranks in our minds today. I told my roommate I got a check from the government for $1,000. Pretty boring, but he fell for it. I did get a small check back from my taxes. The sign of Aquarius is about our connection to others. We can use a feeling of connection to inspire our pranks. But also to remember not to hurt people. We want people to laugh. Not to cry. Early in the morning the moon squares Uranus. The ruler of Aquarius. This adds to its power. This planet encourages unique thoughts. Don’t pull the easy pranks like I did with my roommate. Go for the gusto. The square will make it harder for you to invest in a plain prank. But this pulls your heart in and reminds you to be careful. Uranus is currently in Aries. This adds to a feeling of impulse when a good idea comes along. Remember to think first. Which will be hard because Mercury is square the moon also today. Also in Aries this means your mind may over look what your heart is telling you about what is right. Take a moment and breathe today. Take a moment to listen to your heart. Then have your fun. The final aspect of the day is Venus and the moon. This brings your friends into the party. Your friends can either help you by pointing out how a trick might be mean. Or they could serve to pressure you to not listen to your own concern. With Venus in Pisces it is more likely your friends will support you doing what is right. Either way it is best to bring more friends in on the fun. Just stay centered. If no one else is going to be the voice of caution. You can be the one. Have fun.

Moon for March 6

You can expect today to bring a change of energy. One example is Saturn. It was square the sun on Saturday. Today it is sextile the moon. The moon remains in Aquarius. With it’s look towards the future. And a willingness to try new paths. Keep a focus on being open to new paths today. Today is the day to be brave. Saturn is sextile the moon around mid-day. This giant planet is in the sign of Sagittarius. It shoots high ideas into the mix today. Our spirit pushes us to break the limits. But to do so wisely. Our hearts need some limits. Later in the day Uranus comes into play. It touches the moon in a sextile late afternoon. Uranus is in the sign of Aries. This adds an impulse to the planets message. The message is to think outside the box. Stretch your self heart today. Remember to be open to new paths. Last of all the sun meets Pluto. This pulls things from the shadows. These are the parts we hide. Not just from the world, but ourselves. But they have value. And the light from the sun today makes it easier to see. Perhaps this could help us on a new path. It may take what we viewed as a weakness to move forward. Pluto is in Capricorn. A sign focused on success. How can our shadow side help us?

Moon for March 5

Today is a day of change.

The moon goes void of course early. The last aspect is a sextile between Mars and the moon. This gives an emotional hint of what is to come today. Mars is still in Scorpio. And is it stirring deep feelings. It is tempting to look to the past. But be in the moment.

In the morning hours Mercury moves into Pisces. This dreamy sign doesn’t boost Mercury. Take a moment to still your mind. You may find it harder to focus on business. But the urge to create comes out of no where. If you can spend some time alone with your mind. Some time to give it the break it needs. You will be able to focus better. But while Mercury moves through the sign of the fish your mind isn’t going to be as clear. If we can relax we may gain insight or see new points of view. We may even learn how to communicate in a new way.

Later in the day Mars enter Sagittarius. This brings lofty ideas into our hearts. This is a political time of year. And many may feel this as a pull to get involved in the process. This can be donating money. Or it can be reaching out to voters. But it could be anything you may have a passion for now. Mars is the ruler of the heart. And the god of war. A hot tempered fool at times. But never one to step aside when things get tough. Find the leader inside you. We all have this skill to some degree. Find your vision and find a creative way to serve.

In addition to other changes the moon enters Aquarius. This sign of quick thought may push your emotions aside. This can be easier for those who feel their minds are slowed by Pisces. But our emotions serve a purpose and need to be understood. They take time and sometimes Aquarius can be in a rush. What we need is the different point of view of Aquarius. Use this side of the sign to understand your emotions in a new way.

Late in the day Saturn will square the sun. If we are moving towards our passion. Or if we are finding a creative outlet. We will need to be aware of our limits. Don’t let what we think we can’t do hold us back. But over reaching can result in a wounded pride. Our ego feels restricted by this square. So it may need more coaching than normal. But at the same time, it will feel more wounded by failure. Saturn is in Sagittarius. This will help expand our vision of what is possible.

Moon for Feb. 17

Venus was on the move yesterday. It entered Aquarius. This could bring a change of values. We may see a subtle shift in what we find attractive. Venus is the planet of love. So it governs our romantic bonds. But it is also the social planet. The bonds between friends. In addition it rules our values. Not to be confused by our ideas. Which are governed by Mercury. It is what we find attractive. Not just in people. But in many areas of life. from art to home design. Entering Aquarius we are drawn to the unusual. And maybe to the idea of freedom. A feeling of brotherhood. If we aren’t drawn to something outside the main stream. It is something new for us. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. This brings the restless lack of focus. We should move slowly today. A new attraction may tempt us. Bonds formed when the moon is void are not on firm footing. Around the middle of the day the moon enters a new sign. Cancer brings us home. It makes us feel safe. This safe space may support our new bonds. Or our new values. Later in the day the sun trines the moon. This is an ego boost. Our emotions and ego work together. Too often they are kept in a tense balance. But now they are close. Expect a boost of energy.

Moon for Feb. 15

Happy Presidents Day. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. Then it enters Gemini. This is a big change. We leave an earthy moon. In flow with an earthy Venus in Capricorn. This trine is early morning. It grounds us. Gives us a space to breathe. The moon then moves into an air sign. And hooks up with Mercury. The planet trines the moon from Aquarius. All things solid are up in the air. Our minds become more active. This could be a good day to focus. Time to move forward with important ideas. If progress has seemed slow, the pace could change today. When the moon squares Neptune we may lose our way. Our minds are not connected to our emotions right now. And they may wander under away with Neptune.

Moon for Feb. 13

Mercury enters a new sign today. The sign of Aquarius. It leaves an earth sign. And moves into an air sign. Our outlook will be changing today. New ideas appeal to us more. We have been so focused. But it is time to think outside the box. Mercury is the ruler of the mind. The messenger of the gods. It also rules communication. It is the planet which shapes our outlook on the world. Our ideas about ourselves and others. It is the ruler of education and medicine. The sign of Aquarius makes it own rules. This air sign is mental. Like all the air signs. This empowers Mercury as it passes. But it is shifting. Those ruled by Aquarius are often at the forefront of trends. If only because they pick up and drop so many. Aquarius is a fixed sign. This means it isn’t swayed by others. Invent a new tool today. A new way of living. Or a new path for yourself. Think about involving people in your plans today. Open your life more to those around you. Mercury will encourage you toward this end. Early in the morning the moon will be in square to Mercury. This moon is still in Aries. A sign which may not be ready for new ideas. Aries is so much about action. On an emotional level you may feel restless. Then an hour later the moon enters Taurus. The sign of the bull is practical. It puts a damper on the wild ideas of Aquarius. Don’t let the bull put out your flame. But listen to the message of caution it sends. Mars is sextile Jupiter. This can put a bit of a charge into some relationships. Most of all those of a sexual nature. Which could be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Late in the day Neptune sextiles the moon. At last you feel a comfort with change. This deep planet can ease your fears. With its long memory. And deep insight. You get a wider and deeper point of view.