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Moon for April 6, Wednesday

Today is the first day of the moon in Aries. If you want to start something new on an emotional level. Today is the day. The energy of Aries brash and bold will help you. Your heart may feel ready for change. You are likely to feel restless today. And maybe would prefer to stay at home in the bath. The best of new starts begin with a bath. If you start something new today. Or even if you do not. Find a place of focus before you make a choice. Early in the day is an alignment of Venus and the moon. This creates caution. This is the aspect of the diplomat. We have a strong desire for things to run smooth today. And when they do not we’re likely to react. Venus in Aries might feel like being more social. But it has to be comfortable. What ever the energy levels outside us today. Inside we want peace. A trine between moon and Mars mid-day adds to the energy level. Mars is in the fire sign of Sagittarius. In trine with the moon we need to be careful with others. There may be an impulse to put ourselves first. But if we want harmony with others. This isn’t the best practice. Watch your temper today. Again today is a day for something new. If we can focus all our energy today we can be off to a great start. Working with the people around us will serve to help us. But, try and pause and breathe. It is also a time we could be reckless. The last aspect is the sun and Pluto. Again this brings restless energy. The sun is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn. The ram and the goat. There is a clear desire to break boundaries today. Maybe to break laws or rules we don’t like. We may feel like a leader. And others may treat us like a leader today. But being bossy isn’t going to give us inner peace. We all have inner struggles. And today they come to the surface. This creates a potential for tension with others. This aspect may result in unease felt by many. We need to be aware of our own struggles. And careful not to fight them externally. Others may be tense as well. So, take an extra moment to calm yourself. Then if you can, try and calm them too. Remember to breathe today. And remember only love is real.

Moon for April 5

You ready for Tuesday. The second hardest day of the week. Well there is a lot to cover today. Starting early the moon goes void of course. This means we are rootless much of the day. Or route-less. It is the last day of the moon in Pisces. There is still a deep pull. Something beyond our awareness calls to us today. Take a moment to pause. Turn off the TV, and the radio. Put your phone away and just listen. Early in the morning the moon squares Saturn. In the lofty sign of Sagittarius. Our emotions are often less than ideal. And this means some people just don’t listen. Others pretend they are not there at all. But they are real and trying to tell us something. We can listen to our feelings. Even when they feel wrong. Take the message and leave the rest. Next is a sextile between Pluto and the moon. The small planet is in the sign of the goat. And this Capricorn can create a drive in us. This drive man make the path of not listening to our hearts easier. It can even feel like the right choice. But true power comes from our hearts. The messages of the heart can be hard. But today while the moon is void of course is a good time to listen. Pluto gives us the power to transform. Even when it comes to our “bad feelings.” All as a result of listening. At the end of the morning the sun trines Saturn. We feel a need to be practical. Maybe we feel under stress. This causes us to resist softer feelings. We need to be strong. Or we need to feel strong at least. And listening can feel weak. But it isn’t. The trine is between fire signs. So it is full of passion and movement. As the day moves along we get pulled more and more by restless energy. Wake up early in the morning for the best time to find grounding. When Venus moves into Aries new things may be waiting. Or a new value for something old in our lives. This could be an old friendship we see in a new light. Or it could be a new person in our lives. There is likely to be a hint of passion. Venus doesn’t do large gestures. But Aries is a sign of passion. Next Mercury enters Taurus. The sign of the bull. While our heart is beating faster. Our minds may be slowing. This brings our thoughts around to the sensual. And could lead us to follow a new passion. Our minds may just be to slow to keep our heart in check today. But remember to listen. Not just to the loud beats of the heart. But the quiet ones as well. Because not all passions are good. I hope today’s passion is positive for you. But it may result in damaging life choices. At the end of the day, the moon enters Aries.

Moon for March 21

Monday is a busy day. It is the second day of the sun in Aries. Time to tap into the energy of spring. Life is growing around you. Be a part of this energy. It is waiting for you to take it and use it. Waiting for you to grow. The moon remains in Virgo. Remember when you grow, let the world grow too. The true path of enrichment is for all. Virgo brings our emotions into the real world today. They are grounded. And put to the service of others. Early morning is an opposition with the moon. Neptune in Pisces encourage us to dream. Look with your heart it asks. Take stock of the flow of the universe. Don’t hold to tight to what is real. For the real changes. It is better sometimes to bend like bamboo. Than to break like an oak. We need to think beyond the numbers. But to take planning with us on the path. We have to let go, but also hold on. Later in the morning Venus is opposite the moon. Our values pull us to serve others. Venus shows where we find our passion. It shoes what we value. Pisces draws our focus to passing moments. Value time and the moment. Value things which last like love. Again this is a pull away from mental Virgo. In the afternoon Mercury enters Aries. Right behind the sun, our minds became restless. Thoughts might race. A new idea could send us on a new adventure. This is where we need to be grounded. Don’t run out the door un-prepared. Later is a moon square with Saturn. The Sagittarian Saturn places limits in our path. But they are not there to harm us. They serve to make us stronger. If we use them right. They serve to guide if we listen. And sometimes they are meant to be broken. Understanding the role of limits is important. Many get lost and defeated by their best chance of success. Coming along next is Jupiter conjunct the moon. Together with the Aries moon. These two can build on their energy. Courage is the result of believing in your path. And this makes it easier to believe. The last aspect of the day is Pluto. A trine with the moon makes change easier tonight. Pluto in Capricorn wants you to grow. It offers you its own power. Use it wisely to go deeper. Pluto is the ruler of the under-world. Let him take the parts of yourself which are no longer of use.

Moon for St. Patrick’s Day

There is a lot of action on Thursday. The moon is in Cancer. Early in the morning it forms a sextile with Jupiter. The giant is in Virgo. This makes a good time for cleaning around the house. Doing small chores can lift your mood. Soon after the moon meets with Pluto. The moon opposes Pluto. The far planet is in Capricorn. This will counter your desire to stay at home. A restless energy may pull on you. But your emotions call you home. If you go out today, don’t go for long. Later in the morning the moon squares Uranus. Rolling through the sign of Aries. While you may have a restless pulse. Your energy level may be low today. And time at home may be what you need most. Mercury trines the moon next. This brings a clear mental energy. Mercury in the sign of Pisces calms the mind. Rest, reflect and be in your own space today. The final aspect is the sun and moon. They trine late night. The sun traveling through Pisces. The day may end on an emotional note. If we have spent the day resting we are ready. Today is a healing day. Tonight the moon goes void of course.

Moon for March 12

Today Venus moves into Pisces. Where is joins the sun. Mercury is also in Pisces. Start to look beyond what you value. Think of what lays under the skin. They say beauty is only skin deep. Explore what you value at a deeper level. Do you value friendship? Do you value love? And how do you live these values? Remember, beyond the surface. The moon is in Taurus today. This earth sign grounds us in what is real. It takes us into our voice. Patience it tells us, wait and watch. Our emotions are going to help us dig deep. Early morning the moon sextiles Neptune. This planet is also in Pisces. This is a moment to release an image which isn’t serving you. Think about what will be of service to the world. Or least those you love around you. Later in the morning the moon has a meeting with Mercury. A sextile in Pisces. This will bring your mind into the game. New ideas can be found for new values. And we begin to understand how old images are not enough. After noon Pluto will be in trine with the moon. Still in Capricorn. This planet will tap a deep need in you. You feel pulled to a greater cause. A greater love. And you know you are not living values which take you to this love. At the end of the day comes hope. But a trine with Jupiter and the moon could be too much hope. Stay grounded. The planet Jupiter is in Virgo. Staying grounded can be easier if we think of others. How does our vision help others? How does our love serve others? Remember only love is real.

Moon for March 10

The moon is in Aries. And you probably want to get moving. I know I do. This restless sign is full of energy. The warrior and the leader are children of the sign. Keep active today. Around the middle of the day the moon trines Saturn. Which is in Sagittarius. We get some guidance from limits today. If we choose to listen. Like all things we have a choice. And often we choose to ignore boundaries. Today the limits aren’t there to hurt us. But we can gain focus from them. Aries is a sign which could us focus. Next the moon squares Pluto. The planet puts a block in the path. We can move around it. Or stop and use it. This square with the planet in Capricorn asks us about our goal. What are we aiming at beyond the next step? In the evening the moon conjuncts Uranus. With thoughts of limits and long term goals in mind. We start to think outside the box. We have to imagine a path we have never walked. If we want to go to a place we have never been. When Mercury conjuncts Neptune this gets deeper. These two planets are in Pisces. They work together to release old thought patterns. We think the same way, we go the same way. But we want something new. If you are open tonight it may be easier to find the new path. Easier to imagine the path you’ve never walked before. Remember only love is real.

New Moon in Pisces

Today is an exciting day. A new moon waits to transform us. This new moon is in Pisces. A deep emotional sign. This sign takes us into our dreams. Creates a space to believe. Not just in where we are going. But where we can go. We believe in ourselves. To dream is to love. Because a dream is already reaching for something better.

We dream for the world. And we dream for ourselves. Our dream is we deserve better. The world deserves better too. So we dream. And when we follow those dreams we create love. This new moon is about release. What are the chains which hold our dreams back? Cut those chains. Lose those chains. Keep on dreaming. But Pisces reaches for escape too easily sometimes. Our dreams are not always sunshine and roses. They can be hard. And they can have painful moments. We move through those times with a true focus. Or we try to escape them and don’t follow our path.

The path we’ve taken to get to today. Has it been the honest path? Or the easy path? This new moon we can set out on the new path. Every day is a day we can set out with a new heart. But the new moon gives us its support. On this day our heart in the form of the moon pulls with our ego.

It is exciting to think of all the places we can go. But it can also be scary. Don’t lie to yourself.

Early morning Jupiter is opposite the sun. Jupiter is moving backward through Virgo. Our egos get a check when it comes to our service to others. Have we imagined ourselves to be more or do more for others. We start to see how we fall short in our service to the world. We have untapped resources which go unused. Ask yourself why today.

Following is a conjunction between the moon and Neptune. With Neptune pulling us deeper into the dream. Dream your dream with true and bright colours. But don’t get lost. Understand the message of Neptune about connection. Take your dream and give it to the world. The greatest gift you can give the world is your own enlightenment. Do it. But the old threat of addiction is also present. The path isn’t always about what feels good in the now.

The next aspect is with Saturn and the moon. Saturn is in the sign of the thinker. The sign of Sagittarius. Take this time to use Saturn as the reaper. Take an emotional look at your thoughts. Are they supporting you? Use this new moon to discard old ideas. And old emotions. Think about the needs of your heart. This square can be more than a block in our path. It can be the base for something new.

A sextile follows with the moon and Pluto. Coming from the sign of Capricorn Pluto holds a deep power. And today this power is pushing us to change. Take out the trash. Remove the sacred cows. They have only given comfort. And held us back. Don’t paint your new self in pale shades. But in bright colours. As a planet we are moving towards a higher vision. Today reach higher for yourself.

Late in the day Jupiter will oppose the moon. Where it before put our ego on notice. It now puts a spotlight on our heart. Have we served the world with our love. Or have we held back in fear. There is only love and fear. When we open ourselves to others it is love. When we hold back and try to be one in ourselves it is fear. This new moon is about new emotional pathways. And no path is more important than serving with love. A smile, a warm hello and a friendly presence can be a miracle. Jupiter in Virgo is asking us if we have love enough? Do we really meet the image we have of ourselves? For many of us the answer is no.

At the end of the day is the eclipse. Where we cut off from ourselves what isn’t new. We remove what isn’t light. Love is the only thing which is real. And it is the only thing we should cling to as the eclipse passes. This eclipse in Pisces is about dreaming of a better world. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. This new world can only come about with the force of love. The greatest and the most under used force. Take a moment to meditate on love today.

Following so much action today the moon goes void of course. This will give us all a much needed rest. We have done a lot of spiritual work. Meditate and chant the name of the lord tonight. Because in this grace we find peace. Let the seeds from the day germinate in the soil of your heart. Be patient. Not all the changes taking place today will be seen today.

Moon for March 6

You can expect today to bring a change of energy. One example is Saturn. It was square the sun on Saturday. Today it is sextile the moon. The moon remains in Aquarius. With it’s look towards the future. And a willingness to try new paths. Keep a focus on being open to new paths today. Today is the day to be brave. Saturn is sextile the moon around mid-day. This giant planet is in the sign of Sagittarius. It shoots high ideas into the mix today. Our spirit pushes us to break the limits. But to do so wisely. Our hearts need some limits. Later in the day Uranus comes into play. It touches the moon in a sextile late afternoon. Uranus is in the sign of Aries. This adds an impulse to the planets message. The message is to think outside the box. Stretch your self heart today. Remember to be open to new paths. Last of all the sun meets Pluto. This pulls things from the shadows. These are the parts we hide. Not just from the world, but ourselves. But they have value. And the light from the sun today makes it easier to see. Perhaps this could help us on a new path. It may take what we viewed as a weakness to move forward. Pluto is in Capricorn. A sign focused on success. How can our shadow side help us?

Moon for Feb. 28

This is being posted later today, sorry. And there is a lot to cover. The moon is in Scorpio today. A sign connected to death, and the other world. Scorpio rules over the end of the pagan year. It is a deeply internal sign. But also a passionate one. Today our emotions come from a deep place. We feel the power to change. We can change ourselves. And we can change our world. We may find a passion hiding deep inside. Early in the morning there is a conjunction. The sun and Neptune align. This boosts your creative energy. If you have found a new passion. Then you can use this to brainstorm ways to follow it. Neptune is also a deep connection. It is a place where we bond with each other. We find our voice. But a square between the moon and Venus could add a block. There is no good and no bad. We don’t feel social. And maybe we think differently about our values. Venus is in Aquarius. A sign which promotes thinking outside the box. Our new focus may demand new values. Or at least a change in old ones. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. And it forms a sextile with the moon early afternoon. This supports a deep change going on inside our hearts. This is really a day of change, if you allow it to be one. Pluto is the furthest planet – and spends the longest in each sign. It reflects changes we go through as a species, as a planet. And it enables us to make a change to create a better world. Pluto is in Capricorn. A sign which encourages us to play it big. Jupiter is next to the party. This jovial planet is sextile the moon. Expect optimism. But try to stay grounded. Jupiter can give you so much faith you over look important doubts. Or you fail to plan. Believe you can do anything, and then focus on how to get it done. Jupiter can make focus on details hard. The last aspect of the day is moon with Mercury. This square slows your thoughts. At the end of a day where so much has been changing. This can be healthy. We need to slow our minds. Take a moment to look back on the day. Reflect on any changes we made. Or maybe changes we didn’t make. Ask ourselves if we took the right path afterall. Because there is no going back. But tomorrow a new path awaits. Remember only love is real.

Moon for Feb. 15

Happy Presidents Day. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. Then it enters Gemini. This is a big change. We leave an earthy moon. In flow with an earthy Venus in Capricorn. This trine is early morning. It grounds us. Gives us a space to breathe. The moon then moves into an air sign. And hooks up with Mercury. The planet trines the moon from Aquarius. All things solid are up in the air. Our minds become more active. This could be a good day to focus. Time to move forward with important ideas. If progress has seemed slow, the pace could change today. When the moon squares Neptune we may lose our way. Our minds are not connected to our emotions right now. And they may wander under away with Neptune.