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Seven of Cups

This is a card about our dreams and imagination. The card of self creation. We learn to know ourselves. And in doing so learn about our true desires.

In the card we see seven cups. And in each one of them is a different image. There are many areas of our lives we need to understand. To understand our life passion as a whole. In the end it will be about our careers. But also include relationships. It is something we do for ourselves. And it is something we do for the world. It is physical and spiritual. All the paths will take us to the same goal. And it will be the root which feeds everything.

But the different images also speak to a range of dreams. One may dream of being mayor. Another a writer, or a painter or a school teacher. We each have our own path. Our own dream. But beware, to live your passion is the ultimate path less traveled. No one else ever can live your passion. So it is a path you must walk alone.

Don’t limit yourself to having a successful career. Or a relationship which is a success. Even just a spiritual success isn’t enough. You can have it all. And you will if you believe.

And don’t have a narrow view of your options. The universe has a wide view of your potential. You may be a doctor, or a lawyer. Or you could even be a clown. Find your dharma and live it to the fullest.

It is better to live your own dharma badly. Than to live another’s dharma perfectly.

In the card before was the six of cups. We have watered many emotional pots in our lives. And the Six of Cups is where they start to sprout. We have given our love, our spirit. Now this love and spirit is developing. Many of the options in our future are a direct result of this harvest.

But we must be wise. The next card is the Eight of Cups. A card which represents someone who made a poor choice. Or someone focused on a limited choice. Maybe we feel let down by our choices. The path we took didn’t lead to our passions. Or maybe our passions weren’t what we expected.

The world is our oyster. But often we doubt the pearl once it is in our hands. Or we hold on to something we know isn’t right for us. Even as other options remain.

But right now all cards are on the table. The Seven of Cups is providing us with our dreams. But even now the dreams have lost something by becoming real. A writer dreams of stopping to write a book. And then the chance comes, and the hours pass. The stillness of their own voice is too much.

And sometimes just making a choice can feel overwhelming. But all paths lead you to success. Take a breath and let your heart be your guide. Meditate and do yoga. Feel the tension in your body as your examine different options. You know the truth. If you can find a way to listen.

In the Seven of Cups everything is possible. But not everything is probable.

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups.

Pages are young people in the tarot. They represent a young energy. One just taking shape. One like we are in youth, forming.

The suit of cups is about emotions. So a new emotional energy is forming. A new love. But it is also about imagination. All the energy of water is expressed in cups.

On the card we see red tulips behind the figure. The meaning of tulips is a perfect love. But it doesn’t have to be a romantic love. It could be a pure passion, for art.

The page’s are coming along to teach us something new. This one is here to teach us about love. Teach us to believe in a new passion. Or maybe it is an old passion. But one with a new focus and energy.

It could be a new lover. Or it could be a rekindling of an old flame. A new passion. Or a rediscovery of a passion we had as youth. There is a deep beauty we are all given at birth. And this card is this beauty sprouting into our lives fresh.

The court cards are different from the rest of the cards. Sometimes they represent ideas, and sometimes they can be people.

The figure in the card is looking at a fish emerging from a cup. We know cups represent a spiritual and emotional state. The fish coming out of the cup is leaving its element. Our passions are useless locked up inside. We need to allow them to sprout forth into the world. The beauty of Monet would be useless if he never painted.

If there is a new love in your life, believe in this love. If you are exploring a new passion. You need to believe in it and allow it to grow. If you are unsure, seek out what is new. A new passion. A new love. A hobby which has become meaningful

Follow your heart because it knows the way. Think about the way children express their passion. Think about the energy they put into their play. Take them as a bit of example. The person in this card is one of those youth. And it has come to give you hope.

As children of the universe we have so much potential. And we each have a divine spark. A role to play as individual and unique as each other. If this card has found you, your passion is near you. A love is close at hand.

Listen to your heart, it knows the way.

The next card in the deck is the knight of cups. As our passion grows inside us so does a need to fight for love. Not to fight with guns and knives. But to commit to putting our energy and heart into our dream. The enemy isn’t inside of others. And it isn’t hate. The bigger enemy is laziness and lack of faith. We fight the battle by believing in ourselves.

But first comes the Page of Cups. We need to still ourselves to hear the message. Our heart will guide us but not in a loud voice. It is the still soft voice of our creator.

Believe in your heart, in knows the way.

Five of Cups

Something has been lost. And it is all we can see. Our minds run over the loss like a worry stone. Our hearts are drowning in the emotions of loss. But, something remains. It isn’t all lost.

Fives are about changes. And cups are about emotions. Our relationships with others. And at times with ourselves. It speaks to a spiritual side of our being as well. Water is the element of the deep mind. We are mostly water. And we are mostly spirit.

Five is a number of change. And we feel the change deeply. If we were wise we took the rest recently provided by 4 to prepare. But, change comes if we are ready or not. And we should embrace the change, and allow ourselves to change. Because six is coming to offer us growth and rewards.

In the card for five of cups we seen a figure. The person is downcast. In front of them are three cups spilled on the ground. Contents from the cups are flowing on the ground. We cannot see the figures face. But their back with hunched shoulders and downcast head suggests sadness.

In the sky are seven birds. Maybe suggesting the loss is a lesson. Or a message.

What the figure doesn’t see, but we do are two more cups. They are behind the figure. They are standing upright, and have not been lost.

If the figure could change their focus they would see not all is lost. There is still life, and life and the future is present. But like many of us in life, the loss is demanding more attention. And it is okay to focus on loss. But at some point it is time to move on with out lives. The next opportunity is within reach.

In the previous card we saw the four of cups. A serene figure is at rest. You can see a stillness in their eyes. And something new appears to be offered. And the figure doesn’t pay attention. Maybe the changes we see in five are the offerings from four. The universe works tirelessly for our growth. And sometimes when one tactic doesn’t work, another must be employed.

The five of pentacles represents a material loss. But overlooking all we have which isn’t material. ┬áThe five of swords represents a victory, but one which comes at a great loss. A friend of mine suggested the tarot is calling us to live more from our hearts. And fives may be demanding a change in focus more than any other cards. In the five of rods we see four figures and five rods. Where is the fifth person?

In the next card. The six of cups we see our cups bringing forth life. Our emotional and spiritual investments resulting in life. This may be a difficult moment on our journey. But around the corner a new hope await. A new life is already present. And it isn’t a new life. It is a life we have been developing for ourselves the whole time.

The five of cups is asking for a change in focus. But it is also providing us with hope. We need to have patience and understanding. Loss is a part of life. Leonard Cohen famously said, “there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.”

Often the loss is not a loss. And the gain can never come into our hearts and lives without releasing what we never held.

Two of Cups

When you have Ying, you have Yang. When you have dark, you have light. When you have one, then you have two.

The two of cups is about developing emotions. It could be a love, it could be passion for art, or writing. It could be the birth of child. The One of Cups is us.

In the One of Cups we are learning about our emotions. We are discovering an ability to love. We are finding out about new emotions. But in two we are seeing those emotions around us.

The most clear example is love. We have learned about love in a new way. And someone comes along who we choose to love. If we are lucky they will choose to love us too. Or it could be a piece of artwork being finished. We took our passion and made it real.

Two is about balance. There are many balances in life. And emotionally we remain unbalanced without a reflection. A love is not complete until it is shared. A passion is unfulfilled until it is expressed. Two is about coming out of ourselves.

The suit of cups is about emotions. The deepest are love. And the passion for living. A passion for living can be expressed in many ways. There are many different forms of art.

In the Two of Swords we encounter ideas counter to our own. We imagine they are counter, but sometimes they are complimentary. And though different add strength to our own beliefs. In Two of Pentacles we juggle material things. Our seed is growing. It demands more attention. And others may be joining us. We need to balance our own needs, the needs of others and the needs of the project.

The next card on our journey will be the Three of Cards. The three card represents growth. A love between two people, creating a family. A passion between partners creating a business. Every relationship is a world unto itself. A relationship between people. And a relations between a person and their passion.

Two of Cups is the world unto itself. And three is what grows out of this new world. The product of our love. The product of our passion.

In the card we see a man and a woman. They are each holding a cup. Coming into a healthy relationship we each own our emotions. We hold onto them as ours. But like the people in the card, we hold them in front of us. We are open to sharing our emotions with another. Any honest relationship requires honest communication.

It isn’t just procreation. Many things come into existence due to an equal amount of masculine and feminine energies. The masculine being more aggressive, more assertive and a more demanding energy. While the feminine energy is more forgiving, more healing, more accepting and nurturing. Success takes both. A healthy relationship takes both.

And while it is tempting to think the man can bring the masculine energy and the woman the feminine. This doesn’t work. Each party should have a healthy balance within themselves. We don’t bring half-empty cups to the relationship. We can’t expect the other person to fill our cup.

Understanding this balance is the next step in our growth process. And the Three of Cups is an important point in the journey.

Nine of Cups

As a cups card, this speaks to an emotional place. It speaks to a spiritual place. The person in this card is happy. It represents a point of completion. The suit of cups took us on an emotional trip. Through the loss of the 5 of cups. And the dreams and desires of the 7 of cups.

The card before this was the eight of cups. In the eight of cups we turned away from the illusions. The emotional and spiritual lies of need. And as a result in the nine of cups we find joy.

But this is a different type of happiness. We are less attached to it than before. We are learning to experience it and release it. Nines are powerful cards in the tarot.

The Hermit is nine. The one who has gained wisdom and learned to share. In the nine of swords we see someone learning to release their past. The nine of cups is about letting your happiness go.

The next card is the 10 of cups. Which is nirvana. It is the total bliss we have been seeking. We may have not known it was what we hungered for all along.

But we aren’t there yet. In the nine the person is alone. In the 10 we share the happiness. We are taking important steps on the journey of love. But true love is only love when it is shared.

In nine we are experiencing this love inside ourselves. And this is an important step. After turning away from the illusions in eight. We see the source of love has always been inside of us. And knowing this is the source, allows us to give with abundance.

But first we must learn to give to ourselves. This card can be someone who got stuck. They have learned love. And they have learned it’s source. But they haven’t learned to share. They still believe they can hold love. They are acting like a child. And the nine of cups calls them to be open.

We are not single drops of rain in storm. We are drops of the ocean of bliss. And the small happiness we can experience as drops of rain. It is vastly overwhelmed by the ocean of bliss. We are all one. And the nine of cups is reminding us to be open.

The hermit has gone out alone. But a true hermit still knows they are one with all. They are on an inward journey. A different path with its own wisdom. And without the light of sharing the wisdom, it is useless.

Love is for sharing. It can’t be said enough. Yes, self love is important. But it is only a step on the path. You can see the person on the card is happy.

We strive too often for happiness in the world. Like the seven of cups. But the happiness we seek, is the love we seek. And we already have the love we seek.