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Almost 3 a.m.

What a day. Too many holes in the dike and not enough fingers. I started out helping bakery/deli with stocking. Then I helped on the registers. Afterwards I covered a break in deli. Before I finally made it to produce. I worked a cart. And then another. But I had to cover a lunch in deli. I got off to my lunch late so I took a short one. After lunch I pulled dates, cleaned the backroom, dumped compost and helped dairy for a few moments. It was a day of running the whole time.

I watched a great movie tonight. Sex and Lucia. It is about a writer and his lover. Well, I guess it is about more. About love, and loss, and sex, and life. The movie is in Spanish, but with subtitles. It left me speechless. Still in fact and it has been a while. There was a lot of feeling in the movie. If you watch you, let me know.

Okay, now time for bed. It is late and while I can sleep in tomorrow. I should get to bed soon.


Work went well today. Another day of running around filling multiple roles.
It started off in produce. Naturally enough, since I was scheduled in produce. I put brown sugar and marshmallows on the farmer’s market table.After I pulled most of the gourds off the table. I also moved the small pumpkins from one end cap to another.
Then I worked some juice which had been sitting in the coolers for weeks. It would probably be sitting there still if I hadn’t pushed for something to be done. There are a lot of things it seems like don’t happen until I push to get them done.
Afterwards I pushed some carts. Took a break.
After break I stocked a cart. I removed the rest of the gourds. Brenda asked me to refill the helium balloons. I stocked the bananas and worked the register for a few minutes.
Then I took lunch.
After lunch I covered deli and did some work in produce. For the deli I only CVPed a few things. I watered my herbs. Then I pushed carts again for a while. I stocked dairy and eggs. Also I had to get back on the register again. Afterwards I dumped my compost. And cleaned the floor.
The last thing I did was check dates. Then pull my cardboard from the cooler.

I thought I missed a day…

I thought I missed posting yesterday. But I didn’t.

At work yesterday I was in produce. For the most part it was a good day. Got a lot done, went over my time a little. I stocked some dairy right before I left because I saw it was empty. But I worked from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. and stayed until 11 p.m. to give a co-worker a ride.

I had to wake up to work at 11 a.m.

Today I worked in deli. Mostly along the 97 wall. Again I got a lot done. I talked to the store manager about taking over the 97 wall as a way of learning the basics of department manager.

The store has a program call Volume Producing Item. You pick and item and you help merchandise it. There is a contest, and if your product sells the most you win. I forget what you win. But I got an idea of what I want to use. Not sure I care about winning, but learning in the process.

Anyway, just hope I can have fun at work and do a good job. Also get noticed.


It is to the point where I hardly know where I will be working. Or where I am working.

Today I got to work. Scheduled to work in the deli. I had barely started when I was pulled to work on the 97 wall. Bacon, lunch meet, hot dogs and sausage. We call it this as opposed to the meat wall. Which would be the raw meat.

Don’t get me wrong I like it. I feel like I am being used more and more as a support manager. And neither of the ones we have right now have been around. I like the idea of becoming a support manager, so performing the role before hand is good. Though I have tons to learn.

While working the 97 wall the store manager first asked me to wipe down a shelf before I stocked it. Then a few minutes later she told me the whole section needed to be cleaned and I was being re-directed from my current task to clean. She sent over one of the maintenance guys to help me. It took a while but it looks a lot better.

So then I took lunch. Finished the project. Covered part of a lunch for my co-worker in the deli. Remember, I was scheduled to be in the deli. And as soon as he got back I had to go and work picks for the 97 wall.

But first I wanted to fill the milk. I talked to one of the assistant managers to get approval. Since I was going against store managers orders somewhat. I had asked them because I thought the store manager was out. But walking by her office again I saw her. When I told her I was going to fill milk, she said. “You’re the best.” And gave me a high-five. Cool.

So I finished the picks and got out late. But I have time to flex this week. Work is feeling good.

Annie Dillard

I am reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. The Annie Dillard book. It is a journey of nature and mind. Written about a creek in Virginia.

The tone, the beauty. It inspires me to write. Annie isn’t a writer. She is a painter. You can feel the wind in her words. They glow with the sunshine. There is so much beauty in every day. But we miss it because we are busy. We don’t stop. We don’t look.

And we wonder why our lives are dry and dull.

I want to write. To paint the scene on the page. If I could only learn how to type.

I am sitting on my bed spread. It is black and white. Flowers of black with a white background. On pillows in the corner. In deep sleep. My Baby Girl rests. Sound asleep. She is also black and white. She looks like a Holstein cow. I guess I don’t know cows. I thought it was a Jersey cow. Until I just checked it on Google.

Where did we get information before Google?

My bed now is a mess. Piles of books. A bag of cheese bread sticks from Wal-Mart. The books are both from the library and some I own. I read far too many books at the same time. Or rather I try to read.

Right now I think maybe I am reading five or six. Cat toys are on my bed from when I cleaned the floor.

The time for rest is nearing. I will join Baby Girl in dream land. Maybe tomorrow I will continue on my novel. But today I needed a break.

Work was good. A new worker asked me today, “you bounce around all over the place?” I replied it was just what I did. “Is that why they hired you for?” “No.”

But I like it. It is always a different day. Yesterday it was deli for most of the day. Today I spent a lot of time in Dairy stocking eggs and milk. We sell gallons and gallons of milk at our store.

Some days I push carts. Some I run the register. Some I feel like I run from one thing to the next all day long. But I still like it.

An older man asked me today to help him get some sugar off the top shelf. I’ll meet you over there I told him. There was another person with a question. Then I did something else and forgot. But then I remembered and when I turned to walk down the main aisle I could see him peaking around the corner. I apologized. But he was friendly about the whole encounter.

I am trying at work to not speak in a negative way about my co-workers. Some of them don’t make it easy. Judged by my own standards they are not performing their job duties. What I have to remember is I am not paid to monitor what they do or how they spend their time. Just focus on what is the task before me and focus on doing it the best I can. Tomorrow is day 5 of 8.

What I have to understand is my standards are mine.