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Moon for May 31

The moon is in Aries today. And it is a busy day in the sky. Aries bring a clear energy. Lots of ambition in the air. Many people may be thinking about change. Aries is the ram. Going out boldly on the path. Or when it needs, boldly making its own path. Today think of your own path. How bold are you? Can you blaze your own path?

The moon and Venus have a sextile mid-morn. The social planet of Venus is in a social sign. Gemini isn’t just social. It is also a mental sign. Working with other people, and their ideas will be important. Often it isn’t about one person being right and one wrong. But how we adapt our ideas. What have you learned and I haven’t. Working as a part of a group isn’t native to Aries. But it can be a strong source of energy. We don’t have to scale the heights alone. We have friends.

Just after mid-day the sun sextiles the moon. This continues the social air of the day. Aim to be as social as you can be today. You will discover something new about yourself. A truth about you, from a friend. Or maybe even an enemy. Who our enemies are, say more than who are our friends. If we have enemies. Because not everyone does. So shine your light into your friends today. And they will shine your light back.

Late afternoon the moon trines Saturn. The old guy is retrograde. From the sign of Sagittarius we get big ideas. If we spend too much time with people who support all our ideas. We could be in trouble. But a true friend will help you know what are bad ideas. Everyone has a bad idea or two, or more. It is important to know our limits. If we do not limit our drive. It will be curbed by something else. Our health, the law or just our energy. Keep strong, healthy and focused. Know when to say when. The message from Saturn is pay attention to ideas. But don’t go chasing every arrow today.

The day ends with the moon square Pluto. As much as there is a social drive for today. Our power comes from being true to our own path. And everyone walks a path alone. It is the path which departed in the woods, less traveled. Because no one else can walk your path with you. No one can walk it for you. And no matter how long you walk down another’s path. You will get no where. There is a door of the law only you can enter. Be true to your friends. But also true to yourself. To your own life purpose and mission. This is Capricorn. The ultimate duality of success. We never succeed alone. But we always succeed alone.

Moon for May 8 (Mothers’ Day)

Happy Mothers’ Day. And today the moon is in Gemini. The sign of the twins. You will likely see the other side today. There is always another side. We often only see one side. But the sign of Gemini is about the other side. It represents being able to bring both sides together.

Early in the day is a meeting with Neptune. The aspect is a square with Neptune in Pisces. The sign of and planet work together. And this pulls us away from our mind. This square adds a different point of view. It brings in a irrational logic. At least from the view of the neat truth. But not all our truths should he kept. And in the next couple days we will discover some which need to go. Just after the New Moon is a good time to let things go.

Next up is a square with Jupiter. This faithful planet is in Virgo. Where Neptune pulls you into the spirit. The planet Jupiter will put of focus on plans. Jupiter is an optimistic sign. This can give us courage. But first we must be able to see from a different view. To see other sides of what we believe to be true. And even to find somethings are wrong. The moon’s our soul. So we know this deep truth. And we know where we are wrong. But we don’t want to look. This square tells us it is time to look.

Saturn will oppose the moon next. This tight aspect is with Saturn in Sagittarius. If we are not careful today we can get lost. Limits are not something which are meant to hold us back in life. We are supposed to push beyond them and grow. But they are also not something to ignore. They hold lessons and messages. We need to take into account our limits. And while we aim to break them, we shouldn’t break ourselves in the process. And we should be careful of breaking the law. Both man’s law and nature’s law. The arrow of the archer pushes us all to look at our grand ideas. We think big and believe big. But we need to stay grounded.

And the end of the day Uranus will sextile the moon. This ends a day of thinking different. A day of feeling different. We look at the other side today and we gain for what we see. At the end of the day we take the lesson and grow. But it has to be adapted to ourselves. We are each unique and we feel this as the day ends. The message of the day is to grow. To see other ideas. And to understand the challenges you can push, and the ones you can not. Our challenges bring us together because we all struggle. But the keep us apart. Because no one else has your problems. And no one else can solve them for you. Uranus is in Aries. This will give you the focus you need today.

At this point the moon goes void of course.

Moon for March 13

Sunday is a day to rest. Early in the day the moon is void of course. It isn’t back until early afternoon. Don’t forget to change the clocks. Most of us have phones and such which do it themselves. Early in the morning is a sun and moon aspect. The two are sextile. The Pisces sun assisting the moon in Taurus. Today’s energy is low. But grounded and nourishing if we can be open. In the middle of the day the moon enters Gemini. The sign of the twins. This energetic sign is full of ideas. In the peace of the morning rest your mind. You will need the mental energy later in the day. Gemini brings you new ideas. And perhaps a new force of will to think of a different path. When the moon squares Venus we focus on ourselves. We can feel alone. Or we can feel independent. We are not alone. Love can never be alone. Use this time to focus on being a better you. In the evening our hearts start to pull on us. The moon is opposite Mars. In the sign of Sagittarius, our hearts pull us toward a bigger picture. Mars is trying to get us into action. And to get us out of our heads. This is when planning moves into reality.

Moon for Feb. 15

Happy Presidents Day. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. Then it enters Gemini. This is a big change. We leave an earthy moon. In flow with an earthy Venus in Capricorn. This trine is early morning. It grounds us. Gives us a space to breathe. The moon then moves into an air sign. And hooks up with Mercury. The planet trines the moon from Aquarius. All things solid are up in the air. Our minds become more active. This could be a good day to focus. Time to move forward with important ideas. If progress has seemed slow, the pace could change today. When the moon squares Neptune we may lose our way. Our minds are not connected to our emotions right now. And they may wander under away with Neptune.

Moon in Gemini

The moon is in Gemini. The clever and social twins of the zodiac. Take a moment to be more social. In the early morning the moon opposes Venus. So you may be feeling sensitive to your image. The way others see you. The best way to set your image is to be open. Often a lack of understanding is the cause of problems. We do need our time to ourselves. But we also need to be in the world. Also in the early morning the moon trines Jupiter. Your emotional well being may be riding high. This could encourage your social mood.