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Moon for May, 17

Tonight I wonder about my patterns. As often as I can I write an astrology post. But it isn’t consistent. I miss many days. And then I will post for days. But do I write more when the moon is in some signs. And do I miss more days when the moon is in other signs. Not tonight, but at some point it would be interesting to go back and look.

Tonight we address tomorrow.

The moon is in Libra. The sign of relationships. Think about those around you today. What are the lessons they are there to teach you. Listen to them wisely. Because they have all come to give you a gift. And many who you don’t think are friends. Have also come to you to help you. Try to take the smaller piece when you share today. Libra is the sign of balance. The second sign ruled by Venus. It is very socially aware and believes in justice. So you may find yourself moved today by something you see as unfair.

In the afternoon the moon sextiles Saturn. This planet is going backward. It is in the sign of the archer. From this sign we get a flood of ideas. But without the normal Sagittarius energy. The energy is more internal. This matches well with the moon today. While we find our ideas grand. Many would rather not hear them. It is easier to listen to others. When we are not busy pushing our own thoughts.

At the end of the day the moon will square Pluto. The small planet at the edge. It is still in the sign Capricorn. And it is also moving backward. This takes the energy into ourselves. It turns it from the world and on to our own thoughts. Beware of using your friends to get ahead today. Since this is a square it slows our progress. It isn’t a smooth flow of energy. We are challenged to work with and listen. Many who disagree are sent to teach us lessons. Keep your eyes on your goals today. And while the inner goals will be strong. Do not forget your outer goals. But too strong of a focus on goals is where we fall. Our friends are sent to help, and they may be a part of our path. But they are not stones to be tread upon.

Full Moon

Today is the full moon. Two weeks ago we set plans in motion. Today some of those plans are showing fruit. But also plans we’ve had in the works for a long time. The full moon is in Libra. A sign about relationships. How we relate to the people around us. Not just the closest. But everyone around us. This means friends, co-workers, roommates. And yes lovers. Now is a time to think about how these bonds help you. Or hurt you. Do they create growth for you? Are you helping others grow? If the answer is no, then maybe it is time to let some of them go.

Early in the morning is a square with Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is in the fire sign Sagittarius. And Jupiter in the earth sign Virgo. Our foundations right now might be just ideas. When we interact with the world do we live our ideas. The things we tell ourselves we believe. Do they show up in our service to others. And I use the word service in a broad way. Friendship can be a form of service. If we use it to enrich the other person. Virgo is about this service. About the practical of daily life. This is where Jupiter is pulling us. The large planet wants us to open our hearts. To put into action our words. But Sagittarius is the sign of lofty ideas. The person who imagines a perfect world. But does little to improve the world around them.

Next to come into play is Mercury. Sitting in Aries it will oppose the moon. While our emotions may be open to others. Our mind is focused on ourselves. There is an impulse to improve who we are as people. And this is good. But we can’t grow alone. Connecting to others and the full moon energy is important. Set your sights on being a strong you. So you have the best of yourself to give. This is always a balance. Finding time to nurture you. But also to be there for others.

Another balance is between the sun and moon. The sun also in Aries activates our ego. Later in the day the sun and Mercury align. This adds to a feeling of self first. Our egos may be telling us we don’t need other people today. The lunar eclipse could be a metaphor for this energy. The ego would block out our emotions. While the ego can thrive on its own. We need others for rich emotions. And others need what we have to share. The sun is about our passion. What drives us day to day in life. We need to honor this force. Right now it is in Aries. A sign about going it alone. And there are many parts of the path we do take alone. But we can remain connected to the whole.

A sextile with the moon and Mars occurs mid-morning. Mars acting in the sign of Sagittarius. This pulls us towards ideas. Living in the ideal world in our mind is easy. Mars is the ruler of Aries. And this gives the sun courage. We need these ideas in the world badly. Having Mars in this sign can help us express them. Mars is the warrior. The campaigner. The passionate believer. Use this energy to take ideas from your mind to the world. The world needs these ideas in the world. Not in our heads. Be change, express change, live change.

Early afternoon the sun and Mercury align. These two work together to focus our minds. To bring our passion and our thoughts together. Mercury is the planet of communication. So it may be a good day for sharing your ideas with others. A good day for planning. But it is also a good day for learning. Gaining some knowledge. This can give your passion a good base. Take time to think about new ideas. Find new ways to express your goals. To achieve your dreams. Today is a good day.

Moon for Feb. 26

There is a lot to cover for Friday. The moon first squares Pluto. This could bring mood swings. We feel a lack of flow today. There is a desire to express something deep. But it isn’t easy. And today it could be even harder. Take the time to think. To explore what you feel. Plan what you want to say. Tomorrow the moon will enter Scorpio. A sign which thrives on secrets. The next aspect is a trine with Mercury and the moon. This gives some common sense. We talk freely with those around us. The moon in Libra adds to our social feelings. And for some this will make it hard to not try to express deeper feelings. But today is not the day. This becomes more clear as Uranus opposes the moon. We become unmoored. Emotions could be changing fast. But mostly on the surface. Those who take their time will feel what is true. Those who don’t may get lost. And mislead others. The last aspect is with Uranus and Mercury. They form a sextile in the afternoon. Our minds are racing, If we can get down some of the ideas on paper we can come back to them. But don’t try to hold them too long today.

Moon for Feb. 24

Today the moon starts in Virgo. In the morning it goes void of course. This is after a meeting with Mars. This is an early sextile. Mars and the moon work together to help you. Today is a good day for acting on your emotions. A path can be found to serve your own needs. But also serve the needs of others. The Mars energy brings a will and energy. And the moon an emotional clearness. After this the moon enters Libra in the afternoon. The Libra moon is more social. We form bonds with those around us today. We are pulled out of our shells. Service to others was a start. Mars energy could spice up those bonds. This is the last major aspect of the day. But there is an aspect first thing tomorrow. This is a two planet aspect. Mercury is in a sextile with Saturn. We may start to feel this tonight. Coming out of Virgo ruled by Mercury. A path lays ahead to follow our ideas. But at the same time do so with respect to our limits.

Moon for Jan. 30

Today the moon is calm. Not much action until tonight. The moon is void of course all day. You could feel rootless. The moon void of course is not a time for plans. Void of course periods are unconnected times. We may lack direction. This is a good time for focus on ourselves. Also not a good time for shopping. The moon is leaving Libra. But most of the day still feels its power. And Venus is sextile Mercury. Venus is the ruler of Libra. It could be a day for romance. If you have someone, Neptune draws you closer. Its deep emotions bonding you. Neptune was the ruler of the ocean. And Venus was the ruler of the heart. We feel comfortable with our emotions. Those who are single may feel a deep bond with a friend. Or find love hidden before their eyes. Be open to your heart. And you emotions. Moving into Scorpio is a powerful change. Ruled by Pluto. It is the deepest of the signs. It could push our romance deeper. Or a friendship deeper. Or our love for ourselves. Remember only love is real. And there is only one love. Today is a day to relax and feel the love.

Moon for Jan. 29

There is a lot going on today. The moon remains in Libra. This will help us keep balance. And give us perspective. Turn to friends today. Don’t go it alone. Early in the day the moon trines the sun. This puts us in a place where we feel connected to our emotions. Two parts of ourselves. Which are often at odds work together. Our emotions can make us stronger. Or they can make us weaker. In large part it depends on our comfort with our emotions. Next the moon sextiles Saturn. Limits are our friends today. We feel the need to say no. And if we do it will do us good. Knowing our limits makes us stronger. In the afternoon Mercury squares the moon. Emotionally we question our ideas. Our mind is doubting our hearts. We could choose to listen to either. But the best is take the Libra energy and listen to both. A square soon follows of Pluto and the moon. Deep doubts surface. Pluto is a powerful planet. With a sexual energy. This brings a focus to these bonds. Do we trust our partners. Or those we wish were partners. Our doubts will only grow. When Uranus opposes the moon. We begin to feel different. But in a bad way. We question why others may be lucky. And why are not. We feel alone emotionally. And this makes us doubt ourselves. Remember the moment in the sun this morning. Because doubts grow as the day passes. At the end of the day Mercury aligns with Pluto. We begin to move out of our emotions. Our heart could lose to our heads. Mental energy becomes stronger. Emotions weaker. We need a friend more than ever.

Moon for Jan. 28

The moon moves into Libra today. This means a focus on balance. For the last few days we focused on a plan. And now we need to think about action. Libra is a cardinal sign. An active sign. Often we have to take steps to reach balance in our lives. We can’t be passive. But Libra is also about relationships. So others may step into our plans. They are there to guide us. To help us focus. Maybe to motivate us. We may be surprised by who comes to our aid today. Throughout the day the moon remains inactive. Which means a strong focus on Libra. In fact the one aspect is with Venus. Late in the day. It is a trine. Venus is the ruler of Libra. This makes the energy strong. Draw people to you who share your values. And they will help you reach your goals. You may find a hint of romance along the path. Be open to anything. Remember only love is real. Libra is in some ways a balance to Virgo. The sign of Virgo was so focused on details. And working out our path alone. But now we open our hearts. We share our path with friends. We help them and they help us.